Uppy’s Convenience Store

Ukrop’s fuel program pumped over 3.5 million gallons

Ukrop’s new fuelperks! program saved customers $2 million on gasoline since its launch on June 30, the Times-Dispatch reports Monday. Customers who use their Ukrop’s Valued Customer card at participating gas stations save 10 cents for every $50 they spend at the supermarket. So far the discount has been applied to 3.5 million gallons of… Read more »

45,000 sign up for Ukrop’s gas promotion

Richmonders have knocked $256,000 off their gasoline bill by swiping their Ukrop’s member cards at Uppy’s gas stations. Las month, Ukrops and Uppy’s launched a joint promotion last month called fuelperks!. BizSense reported it here. For every $50 spent on groceries at Ukrop’s, customers get 10 cents off each gallon of gas at Uppy’s. If… Read more »