Wachovia Securities

Rules changing for the money management game

Customers across the board expect lower prices, and in the wealth management game, that means lower fees. On the plus side, many of the smaller firms in town say they are successfully luring away clients who formerly worked with larger financial advisors.

Wachovia Securities to get new name

First Wachovia Securities departs Richmond. Now the firm is doing away with its name all together. According to the Jacksonville Business Journal, Wachovia Securities will be renamed Wells Fargo Advisors in May.

Auction-Rate Insecurity

At least three Richmond investment firms are having trouble retrieving client money from investments that were thought to be short-term and low-risk. Individuals and businesses that invest with Davenport & Company, Charles Schwab and Wachovia Securities might be unable to access money from certain mutual funds that invest in municipal bonds, also known as auction-rate… Read more »