The Indie Look T-shirts celebrating little-guy capitalism

A California business sells T-shirts with the names of Mom and Pop shops from around the country. Destee Nation was featured in a New York Times Magazine article by Rob Walker. Part of the proceeds goes to the business where the shirt originated. I could imagine a C.F. Sauers T-shirt selling well. Maybe with the slogan, “Spicy.”

“Many have a vintage look and seem to advertise businesses from a bygone era, or to offer made-up riffs on such advertisements — a faux faded logo for Blue Moon Burgers, the dubious-sounding Tractor Tavern and so on. But each has a tag attached, giving the story of each business, as well as its address. “Then it hits them,” says Matt Morgan, the founder of Destee Nation. “These places are all real.”

This got me thinking about Richmond’s small business landmarks. What local shops already sell T-shirts with their logo or a slogan?

What shops or companies illicit such nostalgia or are such a part of Richmond’s fabric that they oughta be selling T-shirts?

In my travels, I’ve noticed that diners, hardware stores and general stores often cash in on this trend. One of my favorite read, “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it.”

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