The brief history of our Wikipedia page

BizSense had a Wikipedia page, then lost a Wikipedia page within two minutes. I’ve always been a fan of the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. It’s free and always up to date.

To edit on Wikipedia, you need a free account. So I signed up. I tried to keep our Wiki page objective and lay low on the promotional garble.But Wikipedia is a smart one. The Wikipedia moderators tagged us for “speedy deletion.” They gave me the chance to explain why we should stay on my discussion page. I tried, but no dice. Adios RichmondBizSense Wikipedia. Good knowing yah.

Wikipedia told me, “Because the article appears to be about web content, but it does not indicate how or why the subject…should be included in an encyclopedia.” Ouch.

So after some minor improvements, I tried to publish RichmondBizSense again.

This time, Wikipedia kicked it up a notch. I got a message saying that my account/ IP address was “blocked indefinitely from editing in accordance with Wikipedia’s blocking policy because your account is being used only for vandalism.”

So now I’m a vandal. Sweet.

Apparently, the main thing Wikipedia is looking for is verifiability or a reliable source. I didn’t include those in my first two entries, I only included internal links from other Wikipedia pages.

Hopefully after gathering up my reliable sources and finding a new IP address to create an account from, we’ll have a Wikipedia.

Stay tuned.

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