Ukrop’s latest promotion: buy grocieries, save $ at the pump

Spend $50 on groceries at Ukrop’s Grocery and take 10 cents off the price of a gallon of gas at Uppy’s Convenient Stores, a savings of $2. Spend $500 and save $1 off each gallon (up to a 20-gallon fill-up) for a savings of $20. The new consumer-focused promotion is called Fuelperks!. Consumers need only swipe their customer card at the gas station. (Cool technology, if we’re understanding it correctly).

This is Ukrop’s second foray recently to deal with higher gas prices. Earlier this month the grocer announced that it was converting its cooking oil into fuel for its trucks.

Fourteen gas stations are participating, but a press release said that number should rise to 30 by the end of the summer.

The big question: will customers drive around to find a Uppy’s to save $2 if they’ve spent $50 at Ukrop’s? Or to save $20 if they’ve racked up $500 on their Ukrop’s card?? And for Ukrop’s, will this drive more customers to the stores?

To read about the annoyance of customer cards, click here.

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