How to use MySpace

Someone asked for info on how to use a Myspace page, so here you go:

Myspace is free, so anyone with an email address can create a page. After a local business registers with an email and some contact info, they can reach thousands of potential customers in their area.

But it takes time to manage. People can leave comments, share photo albums, add applications, or write blogs and bulletins – all ways to interact with potential customers/contacts. But that means someone has to write that content.

You can also customize the layout of your page. If you search “Myspace Help” in Google, you can find tons of sites that allow you to make the design and then they generate the HTML code. There are lots of pre-made layouts. All you have to know how to do it copy and paste the code into your profile.

Myspace works for pretty much any business, but the key is finding the right friends. With BizSense, I thought it was important to friend other local businesses who would want to read our site. So I searched for names of businesses I knew. Once I found one business, it was like a domino effect. I clicked through their friends, and found more friends for us.

I’ve noticed much of the businesses also use bulletins to address their network of friends- a message that is available for all your friends to read. Businesses can use them to make people aware of events or sales going on at their stores.

If this is still not enough info, please post another comment and I’ll try to explain more.

Article by Laurel Smyth.

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