Do looks matter in business?

The golfer Fuzzy Zoeller used to say that you gotta look good to feel good.

There might be some truth in that. And it might also be smart business advice. There’s an interesting dialogue on the Freakonomics Blog about how appearance affects careers. BizSense has wanted to investigate this issue for months. One source told me that she is heavier now than several years ago, and sees a difference in how potential clients relate to her. Of course, if you think you look good, you’re going to carry yourself with confidence, which is a subtle signaling mechanism to those around you. And most workers with food service experience can tell you that attractive waitresses get more tips.

But does the same hold true in all other parts of business. Might any readers care to share their beliefs on a) if they consider themselves good looking, b) if that has an effect on their careers and c) if being good looking is good for business, would plastic surgery be a smart business decision?

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