We don’t need no stinkin’ cars

howirichmondA new website promotes alternative transportation in the city of Richmond.

is the brainchild of seven graphic design students at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts.

“We thought the best way to promote alternative transportation was to start a blog where we can post things we happen upon about alternative transportation, especially in Richmond,” said Jeff Green, one of the site’s founders.

There also is a section on the site where cyclists, bus riders, carpool members, moped drivers and pedestrians can create profiles where they describe their preferred method of travel, explain why they adopted it and give advice to others considering giving up the car and looking for a different way to get around. So far they have 10 profiles.

“Unless people actually know and can learn about people that are doing it themselves, then they won’t be very inclined to do it, despite other benefits they can get out of it,” Green said.

The site and the group face a significant challenge: falling gas prices. “I think that was one of the concerns going into it. … Obviously, people will be less inclined,” Green said. “I think lots of people will know gas prices will probably go up again.”

The group’s activities will not be limited to cyberspace. Green said they plan to talk with city government officials and possibly form an alternative transportation commission with other groups.

Green said things the city can do to improve alternative transportation include building bike lanes, bringing back the trolley and upgrading intersections.

Click here to watch a profile that aired on the NBC 12.

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