Richmond #5 best metro areas for business, says MarketWatch

nightskylineRichmond has garnered a Top 10 placement in a new MarketWatch study of the best metro areas for business. Ahead of Richmond were 1. the Twin Cities 2. Boston 3. Denver and 4. Washington.

Writes MarketWatch: “This region has benefited from a migration toward Virginia, as well as residual effects of proximity to Washington, though it may end up slipping somewhat in future rankings now that one of its largest companies, Circuit City Stores Inc. has fallen into bankruptcy. Richmond lost 13 points in the rankings from last year and thus slipped from third place to fifth. Circuit City’s ejection from the S&P 500 contributed to that slippage. Richmond also lo Apply st ground in concentration of Russell 2000 companies. But the area remained at the top of the list in the concentration of Fortune 1000 companies.”

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