Umm … when are you going to pay?

latepayWe’ve been hearing from business owners that clients are taking longer to pay. We’ve also read about it in the Wall Street Journal. So it’s time for our own statistical analysis. Please take our survey and e-mail your answers to [email protected]

What are your normal pay terms?
a.    30 days or less
b.    30 days to 60 days
c.    60 days to 90 days

What percentage of your customers pays in less than 30 days?

What percentage takes more than 30 days?

Have you extended your terms of payment to accommodate any customers?

How is it affecting cash flow at your business?

How many customer accounts have you closed because they were late in paying too many times?  Is this up from a month or two ago? If so, by how much?

If you’d like to talk to a reporter about this issue on the record, please provide your phone number and a good time to reach you.

Thanks in advance for your responses, and look for a story at the end of the week or early next week.

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