Circuit City’s HQ tag sale

Let the rummaging begin. Blu-Ray players, promotional displays, Hawaiian shirts and wireless routers were among the hundreds of items on display in a downstairs conference room at Circuit City’s former headquarters on Broad Street. A liquidation employee said the brand-new goods were pulled from one closet.

Sony Blu-Ray players were available for $200, and a Polaroid 15-inch LCD TV cost $150. The liquidation firm was setting prices for some items by searching online for the lowest market price and taking off 30 percent.

“We only have a handful of consumer electronics goods,” said Jerry Strong, who is overseeing the liquidation. “Those are going like hotcakes.”

On Wednesday, U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Kevin Huennekens gave approval for Michigan-based Liquid Asset Partners to liquidate the contents of Circuit City’s corporate headquarters, as well as the company’s service and distribution centers.

More than 500 desks and 8,000 chairs are up for grabs between Circuit City’s two headquarters buildings, according to an inventory list on the liquidator’s website. There is also industrial kitchen equipment for sale that was used to service the company’s cafeteria.

Yesterday, bargain-hunters and former Circuit City employees came to the company’s building in Henrico to claim a piece of the failed electronics chain.

Strong said more than 100 people came by throughout the day.

“Pricing is based on fair value, considering age and condition,” he said. “In all honesty, with so many odds and ends some people could walk out with stuff for 10 cents up to $10,000.”rumaging1

Strong said a lot of the business people shopping at the headquarters today were interested in office furniture. He said a typical office desk could be had for $100 to $150.

No computers are available for sale yet because Circuit City is in the process of clearing data from the hard drives, Strong said.

Only one of the headquarters buildings, Deep Run One, is being liquidated; the other building, Deep Run Three, is in limited use by the company and will be liquidated by April.

Circuit City has to turn over the keys to Deep Run One by Feb. 28, leaving only a few more days for the liquidation.

About half of the people coming to the headquarters today were former Circuit City employees, Strong said.

Al Harris is a BizSense reporter. He picked up a copy of Guitar Hero III for Wii at the liquidation sale.

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Linda Coates
Linda Coates
11 years ago

I got a Lexmark Printer that takes #2 ink .Were would i buy more ink. Please let me know. will need some very soon. Thank you Linda Coates

11 years ago

Cartridge World in Innsbrook has them for just over $14 including tax if you bring in the old cartridge. On-line, a generic replacement is about $17-$18. When looking for a refill, just search by the printer make and model (probably Lexmark x2480; replacement cartridge is part # 18C0190).