LandAmerica jet goes to auction

After flying high on the mortgage boom, LandAmerica took a nosedive when the title company filed for bankruptcy last year.

With the company grounded, it apparently no longer has a need for the corporate jet, a 1999 Hawker Beechcraft 400A.

The jet, owned by LandAmerica subsidiary Beech Fly LLC, will be auctioned by Martin Air via conference call May 6. The opening bid is $850,000, and bidders must submit a refundable deposit of $100,000 by May 5.

The aircraft has logged less than 3,600 hours of flying time.

BizSense took a tour of MartinAir in a recent Office Sense video.

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I think the first jet in the office sense video is the Jet mentioned in the article…


[…] my inbox is like Christmas.  LandAmerica is auctioning off their corporate jet.  That sound you hear is the tiniest violin in the world playing a sad song.  So long NASCAR […]

John Perdue

Put ALL those big dollar executives on it and just enough gas to get it to 10,000 feet because that is about all they deserve Greedy S.O.B.s