Pirate flag over Qimonda

Last Thursday was Christopher J. Davis’s last day at the Qimonda chip manufacturing plant in Eastern Henrico.

He turned in his badge and walked out into the courtyard. Instead of getting in his car and driving home for the last time, Davis had one last thing to do.

He lowered the Qimonda flag, which flies alongside the United States flag, the Virginia flag, and the Henrico County flag.

Davis then attached the Jolly Roger, the skull and cross bones design infamous for flying over pirate ships of yore, and hoisted both flags back into the sky. Pictures of the prank were posted on Davis’ Facebook page.

This story comes on the heels of other Qimonda news:

 Lakita Blair, also a former employee, recently filed a $40 million class-action suit federal court in Delaware over severance, wages, bonuses and deferred compensation.

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I saw these pictures on Chris’s facebook account. I don’t know him personally but this action has put smiles on most of the former employees’ faces. For most of us it’s hard to find humor in things but you can’t help but laugh at this. As far as the court filing, it is really significant. Former employees have filed suit in US District Court and US bankruptcy court against Qimonda North America which is broke. The new suit is against Qimonda AG (parent company of Qimonda North America) and Infineon Technologies (parent of Qimonda AG). Through a myriad of international… Read more »
Christopher Davis
I’m not sure who your sources or witnesses are, but no, the Jolly Roger did not fly all day. Actually, the act of flying the flag was meant to raise spirits and get a smile or two, not to be some political statement about my disgust with the company. What I thought to be a funny gesture has turned out to be a major thorn in the side of several of the employees at Qimonda. I am not A RCRA technician as stated. Yes, I am associated with the ESIH group as a volunteer with the Hazardous Materials Response Team,… Read more »


Be proud of your prank. It’s funny. Also the Qimonda flag is upside down…did you do that too?

Thanks to whoever modified the original article. Some of the original text was a bit damning to Mr. Davis and a few of the folks who may have turned a blind eye to allow Chris to express his final gesture. The end of such a fantastic era is brutal for us all and those of us remaining try to find constructive and uplifting ways to express our sadness, stress, and frustration, particularly for those on the way out. The Jolly Roger went up for a photo op and was then taken immediately down. That’s about the extent of it. There… Read more »

I will be glad if I could see Mr. Lo walk the plank …

The time is came to us also… Best wishes for all and good luck in your next job…

J.R. (former Qimonda employee in Porto Back End)

Christopher Davis

The prank was in good clean fun; I’m proud to be a part of it. I was more upset about the initial, inaccurate first reporting. The new posting is a bit more accurate.

Good grief

nice vid. glad someone had balls in this world. too bad this was a corporate stunt to give people hope. wonderful, just wonderful.

Good grief

so just live your life in fear and keep Glenn Beck close. get idea.