Kaine urges all to work from home Aug 3

This week Gov. Tim Kaine declared Monday August 3 to be Telework Day. Businesses and employees can pledge to work remotely from their homes on the Telework Exchange website.

The goal is to reduce greenhouse emissions produced by the daily commute, ease congestion on the roadways, and improve work/life balance.

“Telework is a family-friendly, business-friendly public policy that promotes workplace efficiency, reduces strain on transportation infrastructure, and provides an opportunity to ‘green’ Virginia,” Governor Kaine said in a statement.

So far, Virginia workers who have pledged to participate will save a combined $8,327 by keeping their cars parked, and prevent 11,416 pounds of pollutants from entering the atmosphere. That is according to a running tally on the Telework Exchange website.

For this reporter’s four mile commute to the BizSense news lair, he can save $150 a year by teleworking one day a week for a year, and prevent the emission of 174 pounds of pollutants—according to results reported on the website.

The Telework Exchange will release a full report in August on the cumulative impact from the one day event.

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