NewsFeeds 6.12.09

Fewer lawyers on the Hill (Virginia Lawyers Weekly)
The number of lawyers serving in the General Assembly and writing Virginia’s laws appears to be declining, and some lament that the process is more difficult when fewer legislators have legal training.

About 60 longshoremen jobs cut at Norfolk VIT (Virginian-Pilot)
The head of the local longshoremen’s union said Tuesday that about 60 union members working for Virginia International Terminals Inc., or VIT, lost their jobs this week.

What’s in a new logo? (Fortune)
It can invigorate a company’s image or squander its brand equity. To see which gambles paid off, Fortune turned to a few experts to judge some of the most dramatic transformations.

Corporations Take a Low-Key Approach to Event Sponsorship (NY Times)
Companies once splashed their names and logos on every polo shirt and tote bag in sight. But now they are now going to extraordinary lengths not to be noticed.

Making Geekdom Cool and Profitable (WSJ)
obert Stephens, founder of Geek Squad, remembers the first time he saw the Internet – in a research laboratory at the University of Minnesota, circa 1990 – and likens the moment to the California Gold Rush. By 1994, the former computer-science student had dropped out, turned a side job repairing PCs into Geek Squad, and was sending employees dressed in nerdy ensembles (too-short dark pants, white socks) to fix computer glitches at local companies or homes.

If It’s So Good, Why Offer it to Me? (Entrepreneur)
Editor’s Pick:
5 ways to tell legitimate deals from stinkers.

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