Economy pushes Carytown’s evolution

The recession has not been kind to Carytown, Richmond’s historic shopping district. But a host of businesses are opening where others failed. Here is a slideshow that highlights a few of the recent additions and departures, as well as some changes to the scenery.

Among the changes: Bang On, a T-shirt shop we wrote about last year, has closed. Coming in its place is The Healing Center.

Basilis, a Greek carryout joint, has opened in the former Carytown Seafood location.

Ben & Jerry’s closed their new location in a renovated laundromat.

Bonvenu is another new addition to the Carytown restaurant scene.

Bangles and Beads has moved next door while they remodel their old location.

A hookah shop looks like it is opening soon, judging from a peek through a papered Carytown window.

Plan 9 has replaced a large part of its CD selection to make way for lots more vinyl. CD sales have been falling nationally, while sales of records have been growing.

Secco is a wine bar that will be opening soon at the intersection of Sheppard Street.

Happy the Artist recently finished a new mural on the side of Helping Hands veterinarian surgery. BizSense wrote about them recently.

Al Harris covers commercial real estate for BizSense. Please send news tips to [email protected]

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Julia Battaglini
Julia Battaglini

Slight correction: Secco Wine Bar (opening April) is at the intersection of Sheppard and West Cary (not Belmont) and the Healing Center is actually upstairs from where Bang On was. Thanks for keeping your eye on Carytown, though–lots of things happening!

Jim McVey

It should also be noted that over the last 6 months or so the Tenant mix has become tighter as many have chosen to either relocate to Carytown( such as Coplon’s now called Roan) and others have opend second locations (Fabr’ik). The jugarnauts of Carytown seem to keep flourishing with these additions. Look for many more this Spring as the brokers still have some more Tenants up their sleeves. jim


I could not be any Happier about Ben and Jerry’s closing (again!) Remember this is not the first time they tried to open in Cary Town. I think it is a testament of the nature of Cary Town that Bev’s stays open and Ben and Jerry’s closed.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Ben and Jerry’s, but I love Bev’s


The slideshow needed either a sunnier day, or a time of day when there weren’t so many shadows. If you need a good, inexpensive photographer, I can refer a person to you.


Not crazy about the tattoo shop and the seedy sorts that hang out there panhandling. News of a ‘hookah shop’ worry me about more panhanders posing as buskers. Real Estate agents need to respect the community when accepting tenants to maintain the safe UPSCALE tone of Carytown.