NewsFeeds 4.30.10

S-A-T-I-R-E Local Stoner Has Some Great Ideas For Cleaning Up Broad Street (Tobacco Avenue)
Warning: Post is very funny but has foul language and drug references. Richmond marijuana smoker and part-time would-be urban planner Ryan Pervue told reporters today that he had some seriously good ideas for returning Broad Street to its former glory and was also totally high right now.

SPSA completes deal to sell trash-burning site (Virginian-Pilot)
SPSA on Thursday officially sold its trash-burning power plant in Portsmouth and a neighboring facility to a private company, Wheelabrator Technologies, for $150 million.

Valley Bank’s holding company improves (Roanoke Times)
Roanoke-based Valley Financial Corp., the holding company of Valley Bank, reported it made money in the first quarter after weathering a choppy 2009.

Workers fight uphill battle on 401(k) retirement savings (USA Today)
A 401(k) plan has an intrinsic problem. It tries to reach a specific goal — the amount you need to retire — by investing in stocks, bonds and money market funds, none of which offer specific returns. In essence, a 401(k) takes the task of a highly paid pension manager and gives it to each worker.

More Mileage, Less Money (Entrepreneur)
Which airline gives you a discount fare–and impeccable service? What hotel chain offers high style at half the price? Read on for Entrepreneur’s Annual Value Award winners.

Financing Programs Aim to Help Franchisees (WSJ)
With Bank Loans Scarce, Companies Create Lending Arms to Assist Business Owners—but Terms Are Sometimes Strict.

The Weekly Wind-down: Taco Town (SNL)
Pretty funny and safe to watch at work.

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