Ice Cream shop

The owners of Kitchen 64 — located on the Boulevard just North of the Diamond — are opening an icecream and dessert shop called Sweet 95.

A contractor working on the building said it will be open within a month.

And while over there, I had a thought: why can’t business people meet for ice cream instead of coffee? That would be much more fun.

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Phil Riggan
Phil Riggan
11 years ago

This is great! I live in Lakeside and drive through this area often. Kitchen 64 is a very good restaurant (thank you Giavos family) and we could use an ice cream shop now that the one on MacArthur morphed into a burrito shop. Good for the local people.

Life Long Richmonder
Life Long Richmonder
11 years ago

Awesome!!! Although I grew up in Ginter Park (and lived there until I was 35), I now live in Chesterfield. I drive from Chesterfield to Northside just to go to Kitchen 64! Sweet 95 sounds sweeeet!!!!!!