The Docket: Circuit Court Roundup for 6.21.10

City of Richmond:

Colonial Pacific Leasing Corp. v. B&D Transport & Delivery And Brian C. Waite: Civil Judgment
Plaintiff request judgment against the defendants, jointly and severally, in the amount of  $153,665.84 plus interest from 01/01/10, reasonable attorney fees, costs and any relief the court deems necessary.

A. Hugo Bowers And BFE Consultants Inc. And BFE Construction Inc. v. City of Richmond And L. Douglas Wilder: Complaint
Plaintiffs asking for $75,000,000.00, reasonable attorney fees, costs and such further action against plaintiff as the court deems necessary. Plaintiffs claim the defendants conspired to injure plaintiff’ reputation, trade, business or profession.  Plaintiff” also claim tortuous interference with their contract. You can read more in a BizSense story here.

Bari Lynn Johnson V. Rainbow Apparel Distribution And Rainbow USA Inc. And Angela Cris Gaul: Complaint
Plaintiff seeks damages for defamation in the amount of $3 million for compensatory damages and $1 million for punitive damages plus interest and costs.

Snipes RR Construction Co., Inc. v. Cephas Industries, Inc.: Civil Judgment

Plaintiff says he was hired to do construction as a subcontractor on a construction project pertaining to Henrico High School. Plaintiff’s contract price was $26,984, with additional work completed in the amount of $927.54. Plaintiff claims the defendant still owes and is seeking $17,911.54 plus interest and costs.

Sherry G. Brigman And Earl Brigman v. Mega Life & Health Insurance And Richard A. Willig:
Plaintiff accuses defendants of breach of contract, false advertisement and fraud. Plaintiff is seeking from the defendants, jointly and severally, $125,000.00 in compensatory damages and $350,000.000 in punitive damages plus costs and reasonable attorney fees in which Plaintiff claims is based on their wrongful conduct.

Barret PC v. Randall Victor Logging LLC And V R L Enterprises, Inc.: Complaint
Plaintiff is creditor of the defendants. Plaintiff is asking that the assets that were transferred fraudulently
be set a side and to award attorney fees and costs.

County of Chesterfield

Cincinnati Insurance Company as subrogee of Midlothian Hotel Assoc. t/a Holiday Inn Select Koger South Conference Center v. Garden of Prayer # 3-Church Of God In Christ a/k/a Youth USAC: Negligence and Breach of Contract
Plaintiff states defendant and plaintiff entered into a contract where a youth conference would be held at plaintiff‘s hotel. Plaintiff further states the contract specified that the hotel would provide 100 rooms and suites and that the defendant would obtain general liability and property damage insurance for the conference in the amount of  $1 million. The conference attendee hung a T-shirt from a sprinkler head in one of the rooms. As a result, a sprinkler head discharged a significant amount of water into the property. Plaintiff states the insurance obtained did not cover the subject damage and it was up to the defendant to make sure of the coverage. As a direct and proximate cause of this incident and negligence of the defendant to get proper coverage, the plaintiff claims the defendant owes $97,746.81 plus costs and fees in damages and significant business interruption.

County of Henrico

Coupon Inc. v. Kenneth McDaniel, Debtor And Fairway Windows, Garnishee: Garnishment

West Broad Improvements, L.L.C. v. Fantasy Island Café And Grill And Sheela Chaundhauy And Nirmal Chaundhauy: Civil Judgment
Plaintiff is asking for $82,978.60 through 05/10/2010 and further accruing rent damages plus interest, fees and costs.

Midland Funding L.L.C. v. Laura Castleman: Civil Judgment
Plaintiff wants judgment in the amount of $20,244.14 plus interest and costs. Plaintiff claims defendant had a credit card from Target National Bank and defaulted.

Virginia Credit Union v. J.G. Laburnum L.L.C. And Robins Laburnum L.L.C. And Summit Investments L.L.C.: Mechanic’s Lien

Stacy South Harris v. Jon S. Palminitier, M.D. And Colon And Rectal Specialists And HCA Health Services of Virginia D/B/A  Henrico Doctor’ Hospital: Complaint

Apex Systems Inc. v. Matthew Gorski: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff states the defendant previously worked for Apex as a Senior Account Manager and now works for a direct competitor that is in the same geographical territory as Apex. Plaintiff claims the defendant signed an agreement (Covenants Against Competition) to protect confidential information and trade secrets. This agreement stated that the defendant would not work for a direct competitor for 18 months after leaving Apex. Because of defendants breach, the plaintiff is seeking monetary damages proved in court to compensate for the loses by Apex, attorney fees and costs.

Xerox Corporation v. ICM Inc.: Complaint

DDR Southeast Short Pump L.L.C. v. The Little Vine Corporation And Robert Lupica And Ingrid Lupica: Shopping Center Lease Agreement
Plaintiff wants compensatory damages in the amount of $129,885.23 against The Little Vine Corporation and compensatory damages to Robert Lupica and Ingrid Lupica, jointly and severally, in the amount of $129,885.23 plus landlord’s fees and costs.

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