They don’t make em like they used to

Last summer BizSense took a tour of the closed Central National Bank. The stunning Art Deco building is owned by a D.C. developer. Why hasn’t this building been renovated and occupied?

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marcus Omar Squires
marcus Omar Squires
10 years ago

that is a good question i’m sure if the that area of broad street were gentrified and the bus stops were taken out of that area and put closer to the public housing area that area would be much better

Jenny Dickinson
Jenny Dickinson
8 years ago

Wow…and that wow is from my very core. The lobby of the CNB was even much larger than the photo shows and at the other end is a very wide staircase going downstairs as well. I can remember every little part of this bank’s lobby and that is because my grandmother was the receptionist for this bank for many decades. Her desk was right in the middle of the floor so she was always the first person anyone saw when they walked in. Then, during the 1950s, she was “on tv” as the spokesperson for the bank. I can’t tell… Read more »