New life at Richbrau – sort of

There isn’t a new tenant for the former Richbrau brewpub, but a neighboring business has taken advantage of the prime Cary Street exposure.

The doors of what used to the Richbrau Tap House Grill were open at lunch time last week and a small line had formed at a table in front of the long shuttered restaurant’s doorway.

Sam Miller’s, the Tap House’s neighboring restaurant, is selling box lunches on the sidewalk and using the Tap House as a sort of staging area.

According to the woman working the table, Sam Miller’s has been selling the $5 box lunches since around March, adding a quick and cheap option to the upscale restaurants repertoire.

How are they able to use the Tap House Grill as a staging area? The restaurant’s owner also owns that space, the woman manning the table said.

A message left for Sam Miller’s owner was not returned on Friday.

The Tap House has been closed since October. Richbrau, the former brewery and restaurant that connected to the Tap House has been shuttered since it went bankrupt in February. (You can read about that in an RBS story here.)

BizSense also reported in July that the owner of the Richbrau Brewery space, a local firm called Secam, was fielding offers from possible tenants.  (You can read more about that here.)

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