Beer and candy coming to West Broad Village

Old Brick Road, West Broad Village’s “Main Street,” continues to come to life with new tenants. Following the opening of The French Boutique last week, a new restaurant and a candy store are on the horizon.

Keagan’s Irish Pub will soon occupy the first floor of the Aloft Richmond West Hotel. Plans posted in the window of the space show a rending how the restaurant will look.

Permits posted at 2251 Old Brick Road indicate the owner is Emilio Sousa.

Down the street at 2228 Old Brick Road, interior build out is well underway for a new candy store, The Sweet Spot. The location will be near the recently opened Children’s Museum of Richmond-Short Pump.

The apartment leasing office for The Flats at West Broad Village has occupied a retail unit as well, moving into a new space at 3930 Wild Goose Lane. The office was temporarily housed in an apartment unit while construction on the retail space took place.

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I feel like this development is turning into a mini Carytown. The 4-story townhomes in the back of the development are immaculate. However, I wish there were better restaurants near W. Broad St. Mimi’s is very disappointing and Dave and Buster’s isn’t my style. The combination of Whole Foods, Childrens Museum and ACAC is about as good of a “retail triangle” as you’ll find in Richmond. I wonder if the developer will continue to recruit the Carytown boutique-type shops or try to go big box. I saw the prices for the townhomes have been reduced, does anyone know how much?
That is pretty insightful: that West Broad is succeding attracting Carytown type upscale stores and shoppers because they have a Whole Foods–yet a few unimformed folks are fighing a Whole Foods in Carytown (funded by the owner of Ellwood Thompsons). They don’t realize they risk losing more stores and shoppers and Carytown getting more drug paraphanaila shops and panhandlers. Move forward or die. Do you want West Broad to steal more business? The signs say “no big box” and are misleading red herrings: there is no room on the site for a big box. But El Thomps know he can’… Read more »

West Broad Village is nothing but a fake, wannabe Carytown…

Spencer H

What’s wrong with “drug paraphanaila shops and panhandlers?” If that’s what’s standing between Carytown “moving forward,” then I need to patronize them both a lot more.

Honestly, can a sterile environment really compete with the character of the Byrd, real streets, and a real community?

Kevin Anderson
West Broad Village and Carytown are not and likely will never be in competition. The differences in demographics are the main reason, location and planning are secondary reasons. The reason why Carytown has such an eclectic mix of very upscale boutiques and off-beat stores is because it is bounded on one side by the very old-money neighborhoods surrounding U of R, the real “West End” and on the other side is surrounded by students from a state liberal arts school. This is what makes Carytown and the Fan unique and gives them character. West Broad Village caters to a completely… Read more »
Art L

I agree with the person who says you cannot compare the two areas. People from short pump will always go to carytown to shop and stroll around but the opposite is not true. Now, they don’t go to Carytown all that often so it is good to see a few boutique type businesses opening in SP. I say bring it on. I am afraid to think of how much I am going to spend at a candy store though. It could be dangerous!

Karen M

My husband and I just bought a home in WBV and couldn’t be happier. We’re in our 50’s, empty nesters, and both work. (Neither of us in Innsbrook.) To be able to live in Short Pump and walk to the grocery store or a restaurant is wonderful. There are new and exciting changes in our neighborhood every day. And, yes, we enjoy an occasional Sunday brunch at Can Can. While Carytown has a big head start on “character”, WBV will develop its own in time.

WBV will NEVER have the character or a sense of community like that of the fan district and near west end. Its a fundamental problem with suburbia. 2 things that have already been posted that touch on this very issue. The first was the suggestion that retail anchors like CMoR, wholefoods, and ACAC can make a place desirable. That may be true by the numbers, but there is so much more to Carytown than the specifics of its retail stores. There is a big difference between the genuine appeal of Carytown and the convenience of having stores you like close… Read more »