The hardest working woman in Richmond adbiz?

The RBS newsroom has been trying today to figure out why the actress in a promotional spot for a Chamber of Commerce campaign looked so familiar.

We think we figured it out.

We’re pretty sure this is the same actress from a series of ads that ran in 2010 for Union First Market Bank.

Below are the two spots. Is it the same woman?

The second spot for the bank:


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mark brady

Nice to raise a bit of awareness but here’s hoping there’s a concerted effort beyond just the website aimed at heavy users in the RVA biz and tourism communities pushing the economic ripple-effect and offering cross-promotion, incentives etc. Maybe the Sesquicentennial needs an “Official Airline of”?

John Lindner

Mark makes a great point. I can’t help but think there was a more strategic use of the 100s of thousands of dollars that went into this campaign, other than writing checks to local TV stations and the RTD.

This is a problem that won’t be solved by an awareness campaign, and it could have used a more thoughtful strategy. If they couldn’t create a direct incentive, they should have considered a contest, viral social campaign or other mechanism to generate interest and momentum.

In my experience, a wagging finger usually fails to make a sale.