A short move for a big upgrade

The moving trucks are coming next month to a Richmond-based staffing and recruiting firm, but they won’t have to lug the company’s belongings very far.

Astyra will move from 116 E. Franklin St. to 411 E. Franklin St. on Nov. 1.

“We are in two different suites here,” Astyra president Sam Young said. “We want to get everybody together in the same location and have more ability to grow.”

Astyra will occupy a 5,500-square-foot corner office on the first floor when they move. Young said they currently occupy slightly less than 4,000 square feet.

Astyra has 17 employees in its main office, with about 130 temporary employees staffed with its client firms, Young said.

The company was founded in 1997 by Young and CEO Ken Ampy. The firm has grown over the past few years, thanks in part to the declining economic climate.

“In a bad economy, we get a pretty even mix of companies using contingent labor to offset any hiring freezes or layoffs that have occurred,” Young said.

“We are projecting growth in the main office in 2012, as well as with our staffing head count.”

The bulk of Astyra’s clients are in the energy, health-care and financial sectors.

Last year the company brought in revenue of $14.5 million, a 138 percent increase over a three-year period, according to figures reported by the company to Inc. Magazine. The company has earned a spot in the magazine’s list of the country’s 5,000 fastest growing firms for the past three years.

Young said the firm didn’t plan on moving until 2013, but after casually mentioning that it would be nice to share one suite instead of two, an employee spotted the empty office a few blocks away.

“Our real estate agent said it would be a good idea to get some offers on other properties for leverage, but we made our mind up that it was there or nowhere. Otherwise we would just wait and take our time,” Young said.

Young said they finished renovating the space and just need to put in new carpet and paint.

In addition to more private offices for the company’s directors, the new space will fill another need for Astyra.

“There are three large conference rooms. We’ll be spoiled,” Young said.

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