The R&D Dept.: Local Patents for 12.7.11

Easy open dough distribution manifold
Patent 8,071,149
The dough distribution manifold (10) includes a housing (12) with a perimeter wall (14) forming a dough distribution chamber (20). Removable bottom wall (16) and removable top wall (18) are positioned on the perimeter wall. Top wall (18) includes a cover plate (40) and an insert plate (42), with the insert plate having a protrusion (44) that extends into the dough distribution chamber (20), whereby different sized insert plates may be combined with the cover plate to adjust the height of the dough distribution chamber. The perimeter wall (14) is independently supported with respect to said bottom wall (16) and top wall (18) so that the bottom and top walls may be removed while leaving the perimeter wall in place for inspection and cleaning. Valves (56) and dough dividers (34 and 64) are used to direct the movement of dough in equal amounts through the delivery openings (32).
Inventors: Bruce V. Campbell (Richmond); Remberto Pedraja (Glen Allen)
Assignee: AMF Automation Technologies, Inc. (Richmond)
Dec. 6, 2011

In-situ preservation (ISP) bridge method and solution for non-heart beating donors
Patent 8,067,150
A method for rapid, in-situ flushing of organs of a non-heart beating donor, and solutions for carrying out the flushing, are provided. The method initiates organ preservation, and the solutions are formulated to counteract basic mechanisms of ischemic cell injury, and to activate known biochemical survival pathways in the cell. Viability of the organ for transplant is thus maintained.
Inventors: Martin J. Mangino (Powhatan)
Assignee: Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)
Nov. 29, 2011
Co-culture lymphoid tissue equivalent (LTE) for an artificial immune system (AIS)
Patent 8,071,373
The present invention relates to methods for preparing an artificial immune system. The artificial immune system comprises a cell culture comprising T cells, B cells and antigen-primed dendritic cells. The artificial immune system of the present invention can be used for in vitro testing of vaccines, adjuvants, immunotherapy candidates, cosmetics, drugs, biologics and other chemicals.
Inventors: William L. Warren (Orlando, Fla.); Donald Drake III (Orlando); Janice Moser (Orlando); Inderpal Singh (Oviedo, Fla.); Haifeng Song (Germantown, Md.); Eric Mishkin (Winter Springs, Fla.); John G. Tew (Mechanicsville)
Assignee: Sanofi Pasteur Vaxdesign Corp. (Orlando); Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)
Dec. 6, 2011

Obtaining, posting and managing healthcare-related liens
Patent 8,069,058
A system and method for health providers to assert their rights of fair trade and financial interest in optimizing revenue and full fee collection for bills relating to their rendered services in cases of patients, who receive treatment and subsequently utilize related health provider’s billings as a part of an injury related to a tort or injury claim. A healthcare-related lien network, which is comprised of a computer network, various lien-network members and an owning entity of the network, whom all work together to establish, monitor, recognize and effect payment of a contingency-based, health provider–patient lien, where the patient or a patient’s legal representative has billed the health provider’s billings to a payer, other than a health insurer, as part of a patient’s injury claim. The system and method relating to the healthcare-related lien network has business-to-business and business-to-consumer variations, offering health providers the ability to recover monies, which would have normally been written-off or otherwise uncollected. Additionally, there are payment methods associated with the healthcare-related lien network, allowing the owning entity of the lien network as well as non-health provider members of the lien network, to profit by properly recognizing and dispersing monies relating to satisfying an existing health provider–patient lien, held within the healthcare-related lien network.
Inventors: Stephen Ambrose (Richmond)
Assignee: Stephen Ambrose (Richmond)
Nov. 29, 2011

Process for drawing gel-spun polyethylene yarns
Patent 8,070,998
Gel-spun multi-filament polyethylene yarns possessing a high degree of molecular and crystalline order, and to the drawing methods by which they are produced. The drawn yarns are useful in impact absorption and ballistic resistance for body armor, helmets, breast plates, helicopter seats, spall shields, and other applications; composite sports equipment such as kayaks, canoes, bicycles and boats; and in fishing line, sails, ropes, sutures and fabrics.
Inventors: Thomas Yiu-Tai Tam (Richmond); Chok B. Tan (Richmond); Charles R. Arnett Jr. (Richmond); Qiang Zhou (Chesterfield)
Assignee: Honeywell International Inc. (Morristown, N.J.)
Dec. 6, 2011

Surface passivation and the methods for the reduction of fuel thermal degradation deposits
Patent 8,069,826
In a specific embodiment of this invention, deposits and soot formation in a direct injection engine are reduced by passivating the injectors to within 0.1 mm of the injector nozzle. The fuel used with the inventive injectors comprises fuel-soluble additives.
Inventors: Joseph H. Roos (Mechanicsville); Allen A. Aradi (Glen Allen)
Assignee: Afton Chemical Corporation (Richmond)
Dec. 6, 2011

Combined handle and clip for slow cooker
Patent D649,831
Claims the ornamental design for a combined handle and clip for slow cooker.
Inventors: Mark K. Romandy (Midlothian)
Assignee: Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc. (Glen Allen)
Dec. 6, 2011

Mixing device configured to blend food
Patent 8,066,426
A mixing device, configured to blend food, including a housing, having a motor, and a jar removably mounted to the housing for containing food. The housing includes a base, a central body and a pair of side bodies that attach to the sides of the central body in an assembled configuration of the housing. Further, the housing includes a top removably mounted to the base to clamp the side bodies and the central body between the top and the base when the housing is in the assembled configuration.
Inventors: Michael G. Sandford (Chester); Li Xinwen (Shenzhen, China)
Assignee: Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc. (Glen Allen)
Nov. 29, 201

Beverage maker
Patent D649,826
Claims the ornamental design for a beverage maker.
Inventors: Michael S. Garman (Midlothian)
Assignee: Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc. (Glen Allen)
Dec. 6, 2011

Dispersions of microemulsions in hydrogels for drug delivery
Patent 8,071,121
An ophthalmically bioactive agent delivery system comprising a contact lens having dispersed therein as an oil-in-water microemulsion, an ophthalmically bioactive agent encapsulated in the oil phase, the oil phase comprising a material from which the agent VAN diffuse into and migrate through the contact lens into the post-lens tear film when the contact lens is placed on the eye and wherein the microemulsion is stabilized by the presence of a surfactant with sufficient packing at the oil-water interface to attenuate the rate of diffusion into and migration of agent through the contact lens.
Inventors: Anuj Chauhan (Gainesville, Fla.); Derya Gulsen Onbilger (Midlothian); Yash Kapoor (Gainesville); Chi-Chung Li (Lansdale, Pa.)
Assignee: University of Florida Research Foundation (Gainesville)
Dec. 6, 2011

Cushion back cutter
Patent D649,425
Claims the ornamental design for a cushion back cutter.
Inventors: Paradee Bunnag (Waynesboro, Va.); James Naderi (Richmond)
Assignee: American Safety Razor (Verona, Va.)
Nov. 29, 2011

Loop pile cutter
Patent D649,424
Claims the ornamental design for a loop pile cutter.
Inventors: Paradee Bunnag (Waynesboro); James Naderi (Richmond)
Assignee: American Safety Razor (Verona)
Nov. 29, 2011

Split-tip catheter including lateral distal openings
Patent 8,066,660
A split-tip catheter for placement within the vasculature of a patient and for use in hemodialysis or other suitable procedures is disclosed. In one embodiment, the split-tip catheter includes a catheter body that defines a first lumen and a second lumen. The catheter body further comprises a split distal region, including a venous segment that defines a distal portion of the first lumen and an arterial segment that defines a distal portion of the second lumen. The venous segment includes a recess extending proximally of a nose portion; and a lateral opening in fluid communication with the first lumen. The arterial segment is separate from the venous segment and is removably seatable in the recess provided by the venous segment such that it “nests” therein. The arterial segment also includes a lateral opening in fluid communication with the second lumen.
Inventors: Colin S. Gregersen (Salt Lake City); Ryan T. Moehle (Salt Lake City); Ryan C. Patterson (Flagstaff, Ariz.); William D. Woodley (Richmond); Mark E. Walton (Bountiful, Utah)
Assignee: C. R. Bard Inc. (Murray Hill, N.J.)
Nov. 29, 2011

Thermally insulative smoking article filter components
Patent 8,066,010
A filter component includes a catalyst surrounded by a thermally insulative carbon fiber composite. The catalyst can catalyze the chemical reaction of selected gaseous constituents of a gas stream. During catalysis, the catalyst can reach high temperatures. The carbon fiber composite can contain heat generated during the catalysis within the filter component and thereby reduce heat transfer to the surroundings. The filter component can be used in smoking articles. Methods of making and using the filter-component and methods for treating mainstream tobacco smoke are also provided.
Inventors: Piers Newbery (Davis, Calif.); Antonis Tsakotellis (Neuchatel, Switzerland); Susan E. Plunkett (Richmond); Kenneth H. Shafer (Sutherland, Va.)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Nov. 29, 2011

Oral pouch product including soluble dietary fibers
Patent 8,067,046
Provided is an oral pouch product including a pouch having a plurality of pores. At least one portion of soluble dietary fibers is contained in the pores of the pouch and/or coated thereon. The oral pouch product is filled with a botanical material. The oral pouch product is placed in the mouth to release the soluble dietary fibers directly into the user’s mouth.
Inventors: Raymond R. Schleef (Germantown, Md.); Seetharama Deevi (Midlothian)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Nov. 29, 2011

Virtual reality shopping experience
Patent 8,069,095
A solution is provided for a method for a user to shop online in a three dimensional (3D) virtual reality (VR) setting by receiving a request at a shopping server to view a shopping location, having at least one store, and displaying the shopping location to the user’s computer in a 3D interactive simulation view via a web browser to emulate a real-life shopping experience for the user. The server then obtains a request to enter into one of the stores and displays the store website to the user in the same web browser. The store website has one or more enhanced VR features. The server then receives a request to view at least one product and the product is presented in a 3D interactive simulation view to emulate a real-life viewing of the product.
Inventors: Elliott Glazer (Chesterfield); Carol Lee Hobson (New River, Ariz.); Elizabeth Sandra Deming (Brooklyn); Coby Royer (University City, Mo.); Jeffrey Scott Fehlhaber (Glendale, Ariz.)
Assignee: American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. (New York, N.Y.)
Nov. 29, 2011

Seamless corrugated insert gasket and method of forming the same
Patent 8,066,843
The invention relates to a seamless hybrid gasket and the method of making the same. The gasket includes a unitary polymer construction and an insert for enhanced pressure resistance, reduced stress to seal, improved thermal cycling performance and structural support.
Inventors: Tyler Hamilton Ragsdale (Dinwiddie, Va.); Robert Adam Riggs (Chesterfield); Alfred F. Waterland, III (Chesterfield)
Assignee: Virginia Sealing Products, Inc. (Hopewell)
Nov. 29, 2011

Device for supporting an object
Patent D649,435
Nov. 29, 2011
Claims the ornamental design for a device for supporting an object.
Inventors: Michael Bucci (Glen Allen)

Lockable and compartmentalized package
Patent 8,066,123
An exemplary lockable package holds a sliding element within a lockable sleeve. The sleeve comprises a base and a top. The base includes a release button defined by a release surround and a hinge that connects the release button to the base. The release button also includes a free end. Pushing inwardly on the release button urges the free end inwardly to disengage a locked sliding element. The sliding element comprises a sliding base, a sliding top, and an article cover that spans the primary containers. For example, the primary containers are pouches that hold consumable articles, such as vitamins, or personal care articles, such as contact lenses.
Inventors: John A. Gelardi (Midlothian)
Assignee: R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (Winston-Salem, N.C.)
Nov. 29, 2011

Hard armor composite
Patent 8,065,947
A hard armor composite includes a rigid facing and a ballistic fabric backing. The fabric backing is carried by the facing, and includes an array of bundled high-performance fibers. The fibers have a tensile strength greater than 7 grams per denier and a denier per filament ratio of less than 5.4.
Inventors: Andrew D. Park (Midlothian); Dave Park (Walnut, Calif.); Alexander J. Park (Midlothian); William B. Perciballi (Phoenix)
Nov. 29, 2011


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