The R&D Dept.: Local Patents for 2.15.12

Cryptosporidium hominis genes and gene products for chemotherapeutic, immunoprophylactic and diagnostic applications

Patent 8,114,976
Cryptosporidium hominis genes and gene products are provided. The genes and gene products are useful for chemotherapeutic, immunotherapeutic, immunoprophylactic and diagnostic applications.
Inventors: Gregory Buck (Richmond); Luis Shozo Ozaki (Richmond); Yingping Wang (Richmond); Ping Xu (Richmond); Myma Garcia Serrano (Richmond); Patrico A. Manque (Richmond); Joao Marcelo Pereira Alves (Richmond); Daniela Puiu (Montgomery Village, Md.)
Assignee: Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)
Feb. 14, 2012 [private]

Recreational bone conduction audio device, system
Patent 8,111,860
A waterproof recreational audio device and method that transmits sound via transcutaneous bone conduction provides high fidelity musical signals to a user. The device can be worn on the head of a user and integrated into various types of headgear. The device is tunable for sound quality and comfort by adjusting and moving the sound transmitting transducers around the head of the user. The present invention uses commercially available transducers to produce sounds in the low, mid and high frequency ranges. A sound source for the musical signal can also be provided as part of the waterproof recreational audio device. Controls enable the user to select volume levels for the high, mid and low frequency ranges, while a volume limiter restricts the mid range to a preset maximum volume level to allow external ambient sounds to be heard via the ear canal and protects the hearing of the user.
Inventors: Sheldon M. Retchin (Richmond); Martin Lenhardt (Hayes, Va.)
Assignee: Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)
Feb. 7, 2012

Hermetically sealed paperboard container with enhanced barrier performance
Patent 8,113,416
A hermetically sealed paperboard container including a container body component including upper and lower ends, the body component being formed from a blank including a paperboard layer having first and second major sides, a first sealant layer on the first major side, a barrier layer on the second major side, and a second sealant layer on the barrier layer, wherein the blank includes first and second longitudinal ends, the first longitudinal end being skived to a predetermined thickness for a predetermined width, the skived portion being folded over onto the blank and heat-sealed to the first sealant layer to form a folded first longitudinal end, and wherein the body component includes an overlapped seam including the folded first longitudinal end positioned inside the second longitudinal end, a bottom component sealed to the lower end; and a lid component hermetically sealed to the upper end.
Inventors: Zhiquan Yan (Richmond)
Assignee: MeadWestvaco Corp. (Richmond)
Feb. 14, 2012

Kitchen appliance for heating foodstuff
Patent 8,109,201
A kitchen appliance for heating foodstuff includes a container defining a heating cavity therein. The container is positioned on a supporting surface during heating of the foodstuff. The kitchen appliance further includes a utensil for manipulating the foodstuff. The utensil has a first and opposite second end. A tray is slidably positioned within a portion of the container. The tray is movable between a storage position in which the tray is substantially within the container and a use position in which the tray is at least partially removed from the container. The tray has a concave portion on a top surface thereof. The concave portion is sized and shaped to support at least a portion of the first end of the utensil above the supporting surface.
Inventors: David Schandel (Richmond); Cuong Truong (Morrisville, N.C.)
Assignee: Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc. (Glen Allen)
Feb. 7, 2012

Blender having an invertable jar for compact storage
Patent 8,109,668
The blender includes a motor housing that has an outer surface surrounding an electric motor. The motor housing has a first end and a second end. The outer surface has a first mounting member. The motor housing includes a control electrically connected to the motor. A jar has an open end and a blending end and an interior surface. The jar includes a blade assembly proximate to the blending end. The jar is removably mountable to the first end of the motor housing in a operable position. The interior surface of the jar has a second mounting member. The second mounting member is in releasable registry with the first mounting member when the open end of the jar is placed over the first end of the motor housing in a storage position such that the motor housing is at least partially contained within the jar.
Inventors: Michael Garman (Midlothian); Benjamin Henry Branson, III (Mechanicsville)
Assignee: Hamilton Beach Brands Inc. (Glen Allen)
Feb. 7, 2012

Adsorbents for smoking articles comprising a non-volatile organic compound applied using a supercritical fluid
Patent 8,114,475
A surface-modified adsorbent and a process for making a surface-modified adsorbent are provided. The process involves providing an adsorbent and a non-volatile organic compound to a vessel, adjusting the temperature and/or pressure to provide supercritical conditions for a supercritical fluid, and introducing the supercritical fluid into the vessel. The supercritical fluid dissolves the non-volatile organic compound, and impregnates the adsorbent with the non-volatile organic compound. The surface-modified adsorbent can be used, for example, in cut filler compositions, cigarette filters, and smoking articles. Methods for making cigarette filters, cigarettes and for smoking a cigarette comprising the surface-modified adsorbent are also provided. The surface-modified adsorbents can be used to remove one or more selected components from mainstream smoke, without removing other components, such as those that contribute to flavor.
Inventors: Charles Thomas (Richmond)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Feb. 14, 2012

Vertical filter filling machine and process
Patent 8,114,002
Process and apparatus for the mass production of compound cigarette filters function to deposit granular filter material into the open ends of vertically oriented filter tubes. Predetermined amounts of diverse granular material are withdrawn by suction from sources of such material, and these amounts are deposited into the tubes. Solid filter segments seal the granular material within the tube. After one half of each filter tube is filled with granular material and sealed, the tube is inverted and the opposite end is filled in substantially the same manner. When cut in half each filter tube produces two cigarette filters.
Inventors: George R. Scott (Midlothian); Martin T. Garthaffner (Chesterfield); Steven F. Spiers (Richmond); Steven R. Rinehart (Chesterfield); Barry S. Smith (Hopewell); James D. Evans (Chesterfield)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Feb. 14, 2012

Synthesis and incorporation of high-temperature ammonia-release agents in lit-end cigarettes
Patent 8,113,216
A tobacco smoking mixture and/or a cigarette wrapper with high-temperature ammonia-release agents therein are provided, wherein the high-temperature ammonia-release agents are present in an amount effective to reduce the cytotoxicity of gas phase or particulate matter formed during smoking of the cigarette. The high-temperature ammonia-release agents are capable of reducing the cytotoxicity of gas phase or particulate matter by evolving ammonia at temperatures greater than about C., wherein the ammonia can interact with the particulate matter. Additionally, the high-temperature ammonia-release agents can be formed by heating an aqueous mixture of an iron precursor compound, an ammonia source compound and an acid.
Inventors: Jay A. Fournier (Richmond); John B. Paine (Midlothian); Douglas A. Fernandez (Richmond)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Feb. 14, 2012

Smoking article filter having liquid additive containing tubes therein
Patent 8,113,215
Provided are filters including at least one impervious additive containing tube. A barrier, such as a liquid barrier, seals each end of the tube so as to contain additives, such as a liquid additive, within the additive containing tube. The one or more additive containing tubes are inserted into filters for smoking articles. Drawing action during a puff causes breach of the barrier and release of the additive into the surrounding filter material.
Inventors: Firooz Rasouli (Midlothian); Andrey Bagreev (Chesterfield); Weijun Zhang (Richmond)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Feb. 14, 2012

Smoking article filter with annular restrictor and downstream ventilation
Patent 8,109,277
Feb. 7, 2012
A smoking article includes a tobacco rod adapted to produce mainstream smoke, and a filter having an upstream end portion and a downstream end portion. The filter includes a ventilated cavity and a flow restrictor segment having an impermeable insert at least partially surrounded by a tubular segment of an air transmissive material upstream of the cavity. In an embodiment, the tubular segment at least partially defines the cavity.
Inventors: San Li (Midlothian); Richard Jupe (Richmond); Georgios D. Karles (Richmond); Dwight Williams (Powatan); Raquel Olegario (Richmond); Michael Braunshteyn (Richmond); Martin Garthaffner (Chesterfield); Rowland W. Dwyer (Richmond)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc, (Richmond)

Multi component cigarette filter assembly
Patent 8,113,211
A cigarette filter assembly comprises a hollow paper tube with a spaced apart solid fiber plugs inside the tube together with granular filter material in the spaces between the plugs. Energy activated adhesive is only between the solid filter plugs and interior surface portions of the tube. After the spaced apart solid fiber plugs are within the tube the adhesive is activated to secure the plugs to the tube. The energy activated adhesive is only on selected portions of the hollow tube where the solid fiber plugs are located or alternatively the adhesive is only on the exterior surface portions of the solid fiber plugs.
Inventors: James D. Evans (Chesterfield); G. Robert Scott (Midlothian); Steven F. Spiers (Richmond)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Feb. 14, 2012

Patent D653,533
Feb. 7, 2012
Claims the ornamental design for a container.
Inventors: Amy Brachman (Richmond); Monica Stautner Nichols (Richmond)
Assignee: Reynolds Foil Inc. (Richmond)

Treatment using dantrolene
Patent 8,110,225
Provided are low-volume, safe for injection formulations of dantrolene yielding significant advantages over the currently approved and marketed dantrolene for malignant hyperthermia (MH) threatening anesthetic crisis. Once dantrolene can be made immediately available to patients triggered of MH, the anesthesiologist will be able to focus exclusively on the management of the patient’s physiologic status in this complex and evolving crisis, not on the laborious and time consuming reconstitution process of the rescue agent. The low volume, safe for injection formulations of dantrolene have significant advantages over currently used approaches to the prevention and treatment of pumphead, and other neurological, cognitive and motor dysfunction incident to iatrogenically or trauma induced situations of altered blood flow, including those incurred during surgical procedures involving CPB or related procedures, as well as those incurred during non-normothermic episodes caused iatrogenically or by disease.
Inventors: David Anderson (Ashland); Benjamin G. Cameransi Jr. (Georgetown, S.C.); Vincent M. Conklin (Richmond)
Assignee: Lyotropic Therapeutics, Inc. (Ashland)
Feb. 7, 2012

Method and apparatus for the production of high tenacity polyolefin sheet
Patent 8,109,750
Feb. 7, 2012
A process for the production of virtually full density polyolefin suitable for further processing by drawing to form a high tenacity, highly oriented polyolefin sheet comprising: a) feeding a metered amount of polyolefin powder into the nip between two heated calender rolls initially set at a gap smaller than the size of the smallest polyolefin powder particle and at a temperature above the melting point of the powder; b) rolling the powder through the nip under these conditions until a coherent sheet of polyolefin is produced: and c) once a coherent sheet of polyolefin exits the nip lowering the temperature in the nip to a temperature below the melting point of the polyolefin powder and increasing the gap to a desired level above the thickness of the largest powder particle. Apparatus for the performance of such a process is also described.
Inventors: Kenneth C. Harding (Midlothian); Gene C. Weedon (Richmond)
Assignee: BAE Systems Tengylon H.P.M., Inc. (Monroe, N.C.)

Facing and faced insulation products
Patent 8,110,512
A facing laminate for insulation products includes: a foil or metallized polymeric film sheet layer forming an inner layer of the laminate that is adapted be bonded directly to a surface of an insulation product; a paper composite sheet layer, which may include synthetic and/or inorganic fibers, forming an outer exposed layer of the laminate; and a scrim intermediate and bonded to the foil or metallized polymeric film sheet and paper composite sheet layers. The facing laminate may include a humectant and/or a water, oil, and/or grease repellant component. The paper composite sheet layer of the laminate exhibits greater dimensional stability and reduced wrinkling when the laminate is exposed to conditions of high humidity. Insulation products to be faced with this facing laminate include pipe insulation, duct board, duct wrap insulation, metal building insulation, and other building insulation products.
Inventors: Anthony Edward Moore (Glen Allen); Melvin Glenn Mitchell (Penrose, N.C.); Monroe William Shumate (Littleton, Colo.); Edward Albert Bright (Littleton, Colo.); James W. Stacy (Peyton, Colo.)
Assignee: Johns Manville (Denver, Colo.)
Feb. 7, 2012

Drain pan for mounted water equipment
Patent D653,745
Claims the ornamental design for a drain pan for mounted water equipment.
Inventors: Matthew Scott Gregg (Mechanicsville); Franklin Shearwood Brizendine Jr. (Dunnsvile, Va.)
Feb. 7, 2012

Bearing assembly having a dual stage seal
Patent 8,109,674
A bearing assembly is presented having a novel lubricant sealing design that, in one embodiment, combines the sealing advantages of both a labyrinth-like seal in combination with a contact seal. The improved seal includes a non-rotating seal case working in closely spaced cooperation with a rotor to form a channel. The rotor is attached and turns with the shaft, inducing flow in the channel. Lubricant leakage is impeded by the tortuous fluid path formed by the convoluted channel of the labyrinth-like seal and the fluid shear forces developed by the turning shaft. Any lubricant leakage is further impeded by a resilient seal contacting the surface of the rotor and constricting the channel.
Inventors: Paul A. Hubbard (Petersburg)
Assignee: Amsted Rail Company Inc. (Granite City, Ill.)
Feb. 7, 2012

Dihydroxy enol compounds used in chemical mechanical polishing compositions having metal ion oxidizers
Patent 8,114,775
A chemical mechanical polishing composition contains 1) water, 2) optionally an abrasive material, 3) an oxidizer, preferably a per-type oxidizer, 4) a small amount of soluble metal-ion oxidizer/polishing accelerator, a metal-ion polishing accelerator bound to particles such as to abrasive particles, or both; and 5) at least one of the group selected from a) a small amount of a chelator, b) a small amount of a dihydroxy enolic compound, and c) a small amount of an organic accelerator. Ascorbic acid in an amount less than 800 ppm, preferably between about 100 ppm and 500 ppm, is the preferred dihydroxy enolic compound. The polishing compositions and processes are useful for substantially all metals and metallic compounds found in integrated circuits, but is particularly useful for tungsten. The present invention also pertains to surface-modified colloidal abrasive polishing compositions and associated methods of using these compositions, particularly for chemical mechanical planarization, wherein the slurry comprises low levels of chelating free radical quenchers, non-chelating free radical quenchers, or both.
Inventors: Junaid Ahmed Siddiqui (Richmond); Daniel Hernandez Castillo (Laveen, Ariz.); Steven Masami Aragaki (Kawasaki, Japan); Robin Edward Richards (Salt Lake City)
Assignee: DuPont Air Products Nanomaterials, LLC (Tempe, Ariz.)
Feb. 14, 2012

Process for forming uniformly distributed material
Patent 8,114,325
A fluidized mixture is issued from a nozzle comprising a fan jet at the outlet, causing the mixture to spread as it is issued. The issued material is collected on a moving collection surface located a distance of between 0.25 and 13 cm from the outlet of the nozzle, prior to the onset of large scale turbulence in the fluid jet. The resulting product has good basis weight uniformity.
Inventors: Jack Eugene Armantrout (Richmond); Robert Anthony Marin (Midlothian); Larry R. Marshall (Chesterfield)
Assignee: E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (Wilmington, Del.)
Feb. 14, 2012

Papers containing fibrids derived from diamino diphenyl sulfone
Patent 8,114,251
This invention relates to papers made with fibrids containing a polymer or copolymer derived from a monomer selected from the group consisting of 4,4’diaminodiphenyl sulfone, 3,3’diaminodiphenyl sulfone, and mixtures thereof. Such papers have high thermal stability and accept ink more readily than papers made solely with aramid fibrids.
Inventors: Mikhail R. Levit (Glen Allen); Vlodek Gabara (Richmond); Gary Lee Hendren (Richmond)
Assignee: E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (Wilmington)
Feb. 14, 2012

Bag filter comprising scrimless filter felt of meta-and-para-aramid staple fiber
Patent 8,114,180
This invention relates to a bag filter having a tubular section, a closed end, and an open end; the tubular section comprising a scrimless filter felt consisting essentially of a needle-punched batt of an intimate blend of fibers consisting of 50 to 79 percent by weight meta-aramid staple fiber, and 21 to 50 percent by weight para-aramid staple fiber; said needle-punched batt having a basis weight of from 10 to 17 ounces per square yard (340 to 580 grams per square meter).
Inventors: Anil Kohli (Midlothian); Kurt Hans Wyss (Chavannes De Bogis, Switzerland)
Assignee: E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (Wilmington)
Feb. 14, 2012


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Charles Ajemian
Charles Ajemian
8 years ago

Congratulations Gregory, Luis, Shozo, Yingping, Ping, Myma, Patrico, Joao and Daniela. Thanks for making it happen right here in the RVA!