Markel walks out its latest buy

Markel has swept a flooring company into its fold.

Markel Ventures, the investment arm of the local insurance giant, announced Wednesday that it had acquired Missouri-based wood flooring company Havco WP.

Havco President Bruce Bader could not be reached by press time but said in a news release that Markel’s acquisition was “an important next step for Havco” and that the company would “have a permanent foundation upon which it can continue to be the premier provider of wood and composite flooring to the transportation industry.”

The acquisition was the latest in a string of grabs by Markel Ventures. Markel most recently acquired specialty insurance broker THOMCO in December.

Other Markel Ventures acquisitions last year included a tanker truck manufacturer in Pennsylvania, a baking-machine company in Georgia, locally-based concierge medical service PartnerMD and Diamond Healthcare. Its dredging subsidiary also made an acquisition in March.

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