Remind anyone of ‘Breaking Bad’?

This restaurant on Midlothian Turnpike reminded us at RBS of the show “Breaking Bad.” We didn’t go in to see whether Gus was working.

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Chicken Fiesta is a wonderful restaurant and one of the cleanest I have ever been in. It is spotless! I go out of my way to go here. I cannot rave enough about this wonderful place.


There is one on Broad St too. I have heard they are amazing. Rave reviews. Gus’s restaurant was clean too.

Phil H.
All I know is the food is great, and the folks are nice. Judging by the number of people I observed waiting on a table during my last visit this place is popular, and for good reason. Why would you print such a thing? I haven’t seen “Breaking Bad” so maybe I missed the context. I know it’s about a guy who sells meth, and that isn’t good. What, exactly, are you trying to say with a two sentence blurb and a photo of a thriving business? Surely there is more to the story, so share if you’ve got something… Read more »

I drove past this the other day and was wondering about it. Guess i will have to stop in and try it sometime.


You should have gone in. Great food, welcoming staff. Terrific choice for a cheap and cheerful meal.


Chicken Fiesta is awesome. In addition to the most amazing rotisserie chicken in the history of the universe everyone that works there is so nice and the place is clean. And there is always a ton of law enforcement in that joint. I don’t think there is a Richmond Gus. You guys should do a profile on Chicken Fiesta instead of making bad Breaking Bad jokes. They do a jamming business East of the Powhite and on Broad at Merchant’s Walk. That to me is interesting. Really,the only thing dope is their chicken!


Lighten up people! Clearly many of you have no idea what Breaking Bad is all about, or you would understand this short piece on Chicken Fiesta. This is not a negative comment on the restaurant – and again, if you had seen the show you would get it. The show’s writer is also a graduate from L. C. Bird HS – I’m sure Vince would appreciate this!


Those familiar with the show would know that Gus wouldn’t be working there (Los Pollos Hermanos) anymore.

Brett McNamee

Well, congratulations Richmond BizSense. Great sense of humor!

Bill Snidow

From Wiki: “Los Pollos Hermanos is a fast food restaurant chain that specializes in chicken. The English translation of the name is “The Chicken Brothers.” Gus Fring is the co-founder and owner with fourteen locations throughout the southwest. Gus uses this legitimate business to aid in his shipment and distribution of drugs, specifically crystal methamphetamine.” The signs are very similar.