A ‘coming soon’ sign with a sense of humor

The Richmond Comedy Coalition's space at 8 W. Broad St. (Photo by David Larter)

The Richmond Comedy Coalition’s space at 8 W. Broad St. (Photo by David Larter)

Good commercial real estate jokes are few and far between, but leave it to a local improv troupe to come up with a knee-slapper.

The Richmond Comedy Coalition, which just leased a 1,700-square-foot retail space downtown for its new theater, is using its storefront to poke fun at the glut of frozen yogurt shops that has overtaken Richmond in the past 18 months.

The Comedy Coalition leased the space from architect Walter Parks and hopes to move in this summer. To raise some capital, the group is planning an online fundraising campaign.

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As I live near this place, this sign initially terrified me. Frozen yogurt in your neighborhood is not a joke!


I thought the same thing. I knew the comedy group was slated to take the space but I feared they had backed out at the last minute and been replaced with more froyo.

Nathan Hughes