Grocery location now caters to restaurants

The new Restaurant Depot at 7951 Brook Road in Henrico County. (Photo by David Larter)

The new Restaurant Depot at 7951 Brook Road in Henrico County. (Photo by David Larter)

A former Kroger location that shut down late in 2011 has been transformed into a cash-only megastore for restaurateurs.

According to permits filed with Henrico County, the Restaurant Depot build-out at 7951 Brook Road cost owners Jetro Cash and Cary Enterprises about $3.3 million. The 62,000-square-foot property was built in 1997.

Restaurateurs can get a free membership to Restaurant Depot by showing their business licenses. The store opened at the end of February.

In June, Kroger spokesman Carl York said the company shut down the Brook Road location because it was underperforming and cannibalizing business from other locations.

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Phil H.

Remember all that home made food you used to get in Richmond restaurants? Once they discover this place, you can say hello to frozen, pre-made everything.


Restaurant Depot has a huge selection of fresh meat, fresh produce, fresh seafood (coming soon) and all the freshest ingredients that small independent restaurants have a hard time getting in this ready to serve economy. We love food and are glad to be able to help the small independent restaurants source out the freshest ingredients from all over the world so they can continue the serve the quality that discriminating diners have come to both enjoy and expect.


great to see a spot like this. Welcome!


I’m with Phil on this one. I don’t think the freshest ingredients come from all over the world. That’s kind of an oxymoron. The freshest ingredients come from within a few hundred miles. I’m sick of retailers and restaurants calling things fresh when they have been previously frozen. I don’t have a problem eating things that have been previously frozen but stop with the BS. It’s similar to how the word “luxury” is thrown around to describe every piece of real estate in town.


Good restaurants know better than to use frozen purifying, and those that don’t shouldn’t matter. Places like this are great for restaurants I a pinch that need basics like butter, cream, flour, etc… For something like a last movie catered gig. I wouldn’t be quick to trash this place or assume good restaurants will start using them. To be honest… We don’t typically have time to go shopping. Thats why our food is ordered and delivered to us.


Correction: Restaurant Depot is not a cash-only establishment. Other forms of payment, such as credit card, is accepted.