The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 5.8.13

Voltage conservation using advanced metering infrastructure and substation centralized voltage control
Patent 8,437,883
A voltage control and conservation (VCC) system is provided, which includes three subsystems, including an energy delivery (ED) system, an energy control (EC) system and an energy regulation (ER) system. The VCC system is configured to monitor energy usage at the ED system and determine one or more energy delivery parameters at the EC system. The EC system may then provide the one or more energy delivery parameters to the ER system to adjust the energy delivered to a plurality of users for maximum energy conservation.
Inventors: Phillip W. Powell (Richmond); Steven K. Parker (Glen Allen); Melissa A. Bollbach (Richmond); Mark L. Pruett (Glen Allen)
Assignee: Dominion Resources (Richmond); Virginia Electric and Power Company (Richmond)
May 7, 2013

Filter design for improving sensory profile of carbon filter-tipped smoking articles
Patent 8,434,499
A filter for a smoking article, which includes an upstream segment having a carbon filter and a downstream segment of filtering material. The upstream segment includes a carbon filter with a hollow tubular member concentrically positioned within the carbon filter, and one or more holes around an outer circumference of the hollow tubular member to allow mainstream smoke to bypass the carbon filter during the first puff. During use, the hollow tubular member has a lower resistance to draw than the carbon filter during an initial puff or puffs, and after the initial puff or puffs, mainstream smoke is drawn through the carbon filter.
Inventors: Georgios Karles (Richmond); Christopher Allmond (Mechanicsville); Stephen Wayne Rose (New Kent)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
May 7, 2013

Tobacco cut filler including metal oxide supported particles
Patent 8,434,495
A smoking article composition and a method of making a smoking article composition and an additive, wherein the additive comprises particles anchored to the cut filler by a metal oxide support. The additive can be formed by combining particles and a metal oxide precursor solution with the smoking article composition. The smoking article composition can comprise tobacco cut filler, cigarette paper and/or cigarette filter material.
Inventors: Shahryar Rabiei (Richmond); Firooz Rasouli (Midlothian); Mohammad R. Hajaligol (Midlothian)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
May 7, 2013

Cloning of cytochrome p450 genes from Nicotiana
Patent 8,436,235
The present invention relates to p450 enzymes and nucleic acid sequences encoding p450 enzymes in Nicotiana, and methods of using those enzymes and nucleic acid sequences to alter plant phenotypes.
Inventors: Dongmei Xu (Glen Allen)
Assignee: U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company (Richmond)
May 7, 2013

Systems and methods for providing a benefit product with periodic guaranteed income
Patent 8,433,634
A computer implemented method and system that implements a benefit product that provides a guaranteed income amount for a participant, the benefit product generates the guaranteed income amount by participating in a plurality of guaranteed income products (GI products). The system may comprise: (1) an income aggregator portion; (2) a savings recordkeeper portion that maintains an investment account associated with the benefit product, the investment account into which the payments to the benefit product pass; and (3) at least one income recordkeeper portion, each income recordkeeper portion administering one or more GI products, each income recordkeeper portion: determining, based on an attributable allocation to a particular GI product, a guaranteed income associated with such particular GI product, each guaranteed income being an amount, attributable to the particular GI product, that is payable to a participant. The income aggregator performs allocation processing, the allocation processing being performed based on funds transfer data, the funds transfer data including (1) first funds transfer data that reflects activity of the investment account and benefit product associated therewith, and (2) second funds transfer data that reflects activity of a respective GI product.
Inventors: James C. Templeman (Richmond); Matthew Sharpe (Richmond); Kristi Leighton (Richmond); Paul Haley (Richmond); Geoffrey S. Stiff (Richmond); William S. White (Glen Allen)
Assignee: Genworth Financial, Inc. (Richmond)
April 30, 2013

Botmaster traceback
Patent 8,433,796
Embodiments locate a botmaster on a network. A honeynet host is configured to join a botnet and generate a watermarked packet flow by applying a watermark to an outgoing packet flow in response to commands from the botmaster. The watermark is applied to the outgoing packet flow by: choosing distinct packets from the outgoing packet flow; forming packet pair(s) from the distinct packets, that include a reference packet and an encoding packet; and encoding bits in the watermark to the packet pair(s) by increasing the length of the encoding packet when watermark bits have a predetermined value. The cooperating node(s) are configured to: inspect passing packet flows for the watermarked packet flow and generate tracking information related to detection of the watermarked packet flow. The path determination processor is configured to analyze the tracking information to locate a path taken by the watermarked packet flow.
Inventors: Xinyuan Wang (Clifton, Va.); Daniel Ramsbrock (Glen Allen)
Assignee: George Mason Intellectual Properties, Inc. (Fairfax, Va.)
April 30, 2013

Sheet structures having improved compression performance
Patent 8,431,213
This invention relates to a pressboard comprising a plurality of plies having thermostable floc and at least 40 weight percent aramid fibrids, the pressboard having a final average thickness of 0.9 mm or greater, the pressboard further having an a void content of 25 volume percent or less and a ply adhesion (Y) in megapascals defined by the equation Y>2.97(X).sup.(-0.25) wherein (X) is the thickness of the pressboard in millimeters; the pressboard can have a compressibility of 1.6 percent or less and compression set of 0.18 percent or less.
Inventors: Mikhail R. Levit (Glen Allen)
Assignee: E I du Pont de Nemours and Company (Wilmington, Del.)
April 30, 2013

Berm and method of construction thereof
Patent 8,430,600
A berm to increase capacity of an existing landfill comprises fill material and a covering portion. The landfill comprises a waste-receiving recess having an outer perimeter, an edge surface peripherally adjacent at least a portion of the outer perimeter, and an existing accumulation of waste within the recess. The fill material has a base, an inner sloped surface adjacent a future accumulation of waste, and an outer sloped surface opposite the inner sloped surface. The fill material comprises contaminated fill material fully encapsulated by an impermeable membrane. The covering portion comprises structural fill material and at least partially covers the fill material. At least a portion of the berm sits on at least a portion of the edge surface of the landfill, and portions of the berm are substantially parallel to corresponding portions of the outer perimeter.
Inventors: Carlton Dudding (Glen Allen)
Assignee: AWT IP, LLC (Glen Allen)
April 30, 2013

Breathable low-emissivity metalized sheets
Patent 8,431,209
A moisture vapor permeable metalized composite sheet is formed by coating a moisture vapor permeable sheet with at least one metal layer and at least one outer organic coating layer. The moisture vapor permeability of the composite sheet is at least about 80% of the moisture vapor permeability of the starting sheet. The composite sheet provides a barrier to air and liquid water infiltration while having high moisture vapor permeability and good thermal barrier properties. The composite sheet material is suitable for use as a building construction wrap such as roof lining and house wrap.
Inventors: Ioannis V. Bletsos (Midlothian); Edmee Lydie Marie-Jeanne Devaquet (Howald, Luxembourg); Michael G. Mikhael (Tucson, Ariz.); Jose Manue Rodrigues-Parada l (Hockessin, Del.); Angelo Yializis (Tucson, Ariz.); Joseph Anthony King, Jr. (Midlothian)
Assignee: E I du Pont de Nemours and Company (Wilmington, Del.)
April 30, 2013

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