Richmond has less fro-yo to crave

Crave Frozen Yogurt's store at 10124 Brook Road closed Aug. 11. (Photos by Mark Robinson)

Crave Frozen Yogurt’s store at 10124 Brook Road closed Aug. 11. (Photos by Mark Robinson)

Two more frozen yogurt shops have melted.

After 14 months in business, Crave Frozen Yogurt Cafe on Aug. 11 closed its store at 10124 Brook Road in Glen Allen.

Another Crave location near the VCU campus at 1311 W. Broad St. closed earlier this summer after opening in the spring.

The chain's location at 1311 W. Broad St. closed earlier this summer.

The chain’s store at 1311 W. Broad St.

The chain has a Glen Allen store in the works for 10452 Ridgefield Parkway, according to its website. It has remaining Virginia locations in Stafford, Alexandria and Fredericksburg and outside the commonwealth in Oregon and Texas.

Crave is the latest brand to close a storefront following the fro-yo boom of the past few years. Twister’z last month closed its location at 8308 Staples Mill Road, and Bobalicious shut down its VCU location this spring.

Crave’s corporate office could not be reached for comment by press time.

The Brook Road shop is listed for lease with S.L. Nusbaum.

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Mariane Matera

I never saw anyone in Twisters on Staples Mill.


There is a Crave open (at least as of last week) on Ridgefield Parkway in the same shopping center that used to have Libbie Market and Shackleford’s.

marc greenberg

The Crave at Gleneagles Shopping Center where Glory Days Grill is on ridgefiled parkway is open.

Jack Singer

Crave is a great Fro-Yo chain. Nice design and friendly atmosphere. The article does not tell the entire story. The VCU location is only temporarily closed due to the owner receiving a job transfer. The location is for sale and will re-open with a new owner.


The Bobalicious by VCU closed because of personal problems too, not necessarily because of business. It seems this article just jumped on the froyo fad bandwagon instead of actually doing much research.

Bob Bryant

Oh come on. Owners nearly always give some sort of excuse for a closure other than poor business. If a place is making money, the owner finds a way to keep it open, whether they leave town, have to take care of personal affairs, etc. There’s no way the glut of yogurt shops in Richmond can survive – there will be more closings with more ‘reasons.’ The bottom line is, the fad has peaked and there are a glut of shops – period.


A Sweet Frog is slated to open near the new Kroger at Midlothian and Chippenham. Personally, I don’t get it. Ice Cream tastes better. In three years half of these places will be shuddered up.

David J. Kupstas

The Crave on Ridgefield Parkway has been open since December 2012, if not earlier.

I hope “shuddered” was a frozen yogurt pun instead of a misspelling cos it’s kind of funny. Get it? Cold? FroYo? Aha ha ha. IMO I think people go to the FroYo places not so much because they are better than ice cream, because of course they’re not, but because the business model makes it fun. For kids particularly. You get to be creative with the toppings and the options are endless. That said, yeah, too many have opened and a bunch will close. Also — the Stonebridge Kroger already has a pretty nice premium gelato bar. Which I would… Read more »