The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 4.30.14

Lubricant composition
Patent 8,709,985
There is disclosed a lubricant composition comprising a base oil comprising a reduced total amount of cyclobenzene as compared to another base oil. Methods of using the lubricant composition for preventing and/or reducing the deposit formation in an engine are also disclosed.
Inventors: Mark T. Devlin (Richmond); John T. Loper (Richmond); Roger M. Sheets (Glen Allen); Todd M. Dvorak (Glen Allen)
Assignee: Afton Chemical Corp. (Richmond)
April 29, 2014

Hybrid fiber constructions to mitigate creep in composites
Patent 8,709,562
Hybrid fiber constructions having reduced creep tendency. More particularly, twisted, low creep yarns formed by twisting together one or more high strength polyolefin fibers and one or more low creep reinforcing fibers.
Inventors: Huy X. Nguyen (Midlothian); Lori L. Wagner (Richmond)
Assignee: Honeywell International, Inc. (Morristown, N.J.)
April 29, 2014

Twist reclosable blister package
Patent 8,708,146
A package is disclosed comprising a blister with a flange enclosed between paperboard cards, arranged so that upon rotation of the blister the flange emerges from between the cards allowing the blister to be separated from the cards.
Inventors: Sara Jane Falcon (Richmond)
Assignee: MeadWestvaco Corp. (Richmond)
April 29, 2014

Container for housing a tray or blister pack
Patent 8,701,889
A container includes a base portion (11), a lid portion (12), and a hinge portion (13) connecting the base portion to the lid portion. The lid portion and/or the base portion are movable about the hinge portion between an open configuration and a closed configuration in which the lid portion overlies the base portion substantially in the form of a book. The base portion has a shell (40) attached thereto to form a sheath for receiving one or more articles (20). The sheath has an open end or outlet (44) and allows one or more articles to slide relative thereto in the direction substantially parallel to the base portion between a storage position and one or more dispensing positions.
Inventors: Caleb S. Loftin (Richmond)
Assignee: MeadWestvaco Corp. (Richmond)
April 22, 2014

Banded papers, smoking articles and methods
Patent 8,707,967
Wrapper for cigarette manufacture includes transversely extending band regions applied by a printing technique, such as gravure printing. The band regions comprise starch, an anti-wrinkling agent such as 1,2 propylene glycol or glycerin, and optionally calcium carbonate. Any suitable printing technique can be used to apply the aqueous solution to the banded regions. The pattern of banded regions may be bands, stripes, two-dimensional arrays, undulated regions, and the like along and/or around the tobacco rod. The pattern can be applied in one or more layers. The pattern may be configured so that when a smoking article is placed on a substrate, at least two longitudinal locations along the length of the tobacco rod have film-forming compound located only on sides of the smoking article not in contact with the substrate.
Inventors: Ping Li (Glen Allen); Firooz Rasouli (Midlothian); Rajesh K. Garg (Richmond); Randall E. Baren (Glen Allen); Marc W. Rose (Mechanicsville); Peter J. Lipowicz (Midlothian); Tony A. Phan (Richmond); Timothy S. Sherwood (Midlothian); Szu-Sung Yang (Midlothian); Donald E. Miser (Chesterfield); Milton E. Parrish (Midlothian)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
April 29, 2014

Disintegratable plug wraps and their applications
Patent 8,707,966
A filter rod used in manufacture of a smoking article contains: (a) a rod of filter material, and (b) a plug wrap surrounding the rod of filter material. The overlapping side edges of the plug wrap are secured together with a plug wrap adhesive and the plug wrap adhesive comprises a disintegration accelerating agent. Alternatively or in addition, the plug wrap may contain perforations.
Inventors: Milton E. Parrish (Midlothian); Lixin L. Xue (Midlothian); Jon A. Regrut (Richmond); Marvyn Steele (Richmond); Thomas J. Gannon (Powhatan); Wesley Gilliam Sanderson (Chester)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
April 29, 2014

Use of oxyhydroxide compounds in cigarette paper for reducing carbon monoxide in the mainstream smoke of a cigarette
Patent 8,701,681
Cigarette paper, methods for making cigarettes and methods for smoking cigarettes are provided, which involve the use of an oxyhydroxide compound that is capable of decomposing to form at least one product capable of acting as an oxidant for the conversion of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide and/or as a catalyst for the conversion of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. The oxyhydroxide compound and/or the product formed from the decomposition of the oxyhydroxide can be in the form of nanoparticles. The oxyhydroxide compounds can be represented by MOOH where M is a metal selected from the group consisting of transition metals, rare earth metals, and mixtures thereof.
Inventors: Firooz Rasouli (Midlothian); Ping Li (Richmond); Wei-Jun Zhang (Richmond); Shalva Gedevanishvili (Richmond)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
April 22, 2014

Etch resistant clearcoat
Patent 8,710,138
A crosslinked coating composition formed from polyurethane polyols and blocked or unblocked polyisocyanates. The polyisocyanates, in particular, comprise at least bis(isocyanatomethyl)cyclohexane. The coating is substantially free from ester functionality that forms a contiguous part of the network backbone. A clearcoat formed from the described components and having a majority of urethane bonds is very resistant to environmental etch damage.
Inventors: Delson Jayme Trindade (Rochester Hills, Mich.); Robert R. Matheson (Glen Allen)
Assignee: Axalta Coating Systems IP Co., LLC (Wilmington, Del.)
April 29, 2014

System and methods for providing starter credit card accounts
Patent 8,706,617
A system and method for providing starter credit card products to selected customers of a credit card issuer is disclosed. Methods, systems and articles of manufacture consistent with the present invention enable a credit card issuer to identify a group of customers that may not eligible to obtain standard credit card products offered by the credit card issuer. The credit card issuer may rank these customers and present offers for starter credit card accounts with adjusted account parameters tailored to these customers. The credit card issuer monitors the activities of each starter card account during a trial period to determine whether each respective account has met predetermined criteria. Based on the results of the monitor process, the credit card issuer may adjust the parameters associated with each starter credit card account. The adjustment may include increasing a credit limit of the starter credit card account if the predetermined criteria has been met, or conversely, restarting the trial period if an account has not met the predetermined criteria during the trial period. Once a starter card account that meets selected criteria during the trial period will graduate and receive new parameters and benefits defined by the credit card issuer.
Inventors: Keira Brooke Bard (Drexel Hill, Pa.); Jeremy Paul Clifford (Watertown, Conn.); Scott Dalla Valle (Glen Allen); Nathan Tad Czyzeswki (Washington, D.C.); Baskaran Nadarajah (Henrico); Peter Lackey (Fairfax, Va.); Wayne Thomas Sanchez (Bainbridge Island, Wash.); Brian George Pilko (New York, N.Y.)
Assignee: Capital One Financial Corp. (McLean, Va.)
April 22, 2014

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