Goochland leads the way among richest local ZIP codes

The home at 1 Starwood Lane, owned by Jonnie Williams, is up for sale. Photos courtesy of CVRMLS.

The home at 1 Starwood Lane in Manakin Sabot, owned by businessman Jonnie Williams, illustrates the wealth captured by Goochland County. Photos courtesy of CVRMLS.

Continuing a trend of concentrated wealth in parts of Goochland County, Manakin Sabot (23103) has risen to become the region’s wealthiest ZIP Code.

The community’s 5,455 residents had an average net worth of $2.3 million in 2015, displacing Midlothian’s 23113 ZIP code for the top spot, according to rankings published recently by Richmond BizSense. The Midlothian community, whose median household income was $117,243 but had an average home value 38 percent lower than Manakin Sabot, had been the region’s wealthiest ZIP code the past two years.

Before 2015, Goochland County ZIP codes were omitted from the annual rankings due to a more confined area of study. BizSense uses data compiled by geospatial mapping firm ESRI, which in turn aggregates and models U.S. Census, American Community Survey and other data sources. It uses household income (median, average and per capita), net worth, disposable income and home values to rank the ZIP codes.

Fifty residential ZIP codes were analyzed within BizSense’s coverage area: Henrico, Hanover, Chesterfield, Goochland and Powhatan counties, as well as the City of Richmond.

Five Goochland County communities were ranked in the top 15 wealthiest ZIP codes, the most of any county. All five were also within the top 10. Four Henrico ZIP codes rounded out the top 15, along with Rockville (23146) in Hanover County.


City of Richmond ZIP codes largely comprised the bottom third of the list, with four of the bottom five (23223, 23222, 23224 and 23219) contained within the city limits. In general, ZIP codes ranking in the bottom third had relatively low median ages, although 23222 bucked that trend with a median age of 40 and median income of $34,896.

City Median Age
Manakin Sabot 52
Crozier 49.4
Rockville 47.1
Oilville 47.1
Doswell 46.5
Midlothian 46
Gum Spring 45.7
Montpelier 45.4
Chesterfield 45.1
Sandy Hook 45
Zip Code Median Age
23220 24.9
23219 28.7
23224 32.6
23226 33.3
23294 33.4
23221 34.1
23223 34.2
23234 34.7
23075 36.2
23228 36.6


Three communities saw 20 percent or greater median income growth: Ashland (23005), Richmond’s West End (23226) and Scott’s Addition (23230).

The 15 wealthiest ZIP codes are ranked below. Subscribe to BizSense Pro to access the full list and similar in-depth data.

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Greer Jones
Greer Jones
5 years ago

Great info!

S. E. Warwick
S. E. Warwick
5 years ago

Perhaps the most affluent part of Goochland, the River Road corridor, is part of the 23238 zipcode, which also includes a large chunk of western Henrico.
These numbers are also somewhat distorted by the relatively small population of Goochland, entire county has about 22,000 people, versus Chesterfield with more than 300,000.