Vet couple’s Goochland buy tops December home sales

The 7,800-square-foot home at 573 Flatduck Xing in Goochland County was sold for $1.55 million. (Courtesy CVRMLS)

The 7,800-square-foot home at 573 Flatduck Xing in Goochland County sold for $1.55 million. (Courtesy CVRMLS)

A local husband-and-wife veterinarian team’s purchase of a house in Manakin-Sabot capped a busy year for the Richmond area’s million-dollar home buying market.

Of at least six area sales that topped the $1 million mark in December, the 7,800-square-foot home at 573 Flatduck Xing in Goochland County took the No. 1 spot at $1.55 million, just below its asking price of $1.59 million, according to data from the Central Virginia Regional Multiple Listing Service.

County property records list the buyers as Anthony and Heather O’Sullivan, the animal doctor duo behind Henrico County-based River City Veterinary Hospital. The couple was represented by Susan Robins of Long & Foster.

The house was co-listed by fellow Long & Foster agents Eleanor Towers and Susan Snyder, who represented the sellers, Douglas and Judith Jessup. Towers said the Jessups are staying in town.

Douglas Jessup is a surgeon at Advanced Orthopaedics, which now operates under the OrthoVirginia flag following the companies’ merger last summer. He’s at least the second physician associated with Advanced Orthopaedics to list a million-dollar home in recent months.

Towers said the Flatduck house attracted two prospective buyers following its listing Oct. 4. It went under contract within three weeks and closed Dec. 20.

The great room features a wall of windows, 23-foot cathedral ceiling, exposed wood trusses and a 21-foot stone fireplace. (Courtesy CVRMLS)

The great room features a wall of windows, 23-foot cathedral ceiling, exposed wood trusses and a 21-foot stone fireplace. (Courtesy CVRMLS)

Towers said the house is the highest-priced sale in over a year in The Meadows at Manakin subdivision, part of the expansive Meadows at Joe Brooke Farm neighborhood. Another house there, at 805 Merchant Lee Court, sold in 2015 for $1.65 million.

“So we felt like we priced it correctly,” Towers said, adding that she and Snyder met with the builder, Warren Montague of Goochland-based builder John W. Montague Jr. Inc., to learn more about its details before marketing the listing through an online video and paid website placements. They also had interior and drone photography taken.

“I think the real key to selling the property was understanding the craftsmanship and the design and construction of the home, because it is unique,” she said. “We wanted to make sure we understood the specifics and the craftsmanship and the material, not just a nice floorplan and location.

“Every square foot could be created differently based on materials. We were priced at probably one of the highest prices per square foot, but it was well worth it,” she said.

Built in 2007 on a 4-acre lot, the three-level home totals 21 rooms, with five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms and a great room that features a wall of windows, 23-foot cathedral ceiling, exposed wood trusses and a 21-foot hand-cut stone fireplace – one of four fireplaces throughout the house.

Other details include a three-car garage, a separate owner’s wing with private laundry and master bath, a walkout basement and enclosed courtyard. Towers said the property includes an unusual amount of archways and arched windows, as well as herringbone-pattern brickwork and other more-expensive finishes.

“Every detail in that house was done at what I consider a custom, high-end level,” she said.

Towers said the sale is her highest to date, though another listing with Snyder could soon exceed it: An 8,200-square-foot home at 1837 Monument Ave., which the team listed in September at $1.89 million. Towers said the million-dollar market in that area of Richmond has been slow in recent months but is picking up with the start of the new year.

“That entire area – the Fan area, Area 10 – has not sold a million-dollar home in the last six months,” she said. “Since June, nothing’s gone under contract until last week, and we’ve had seven showings in the last seven to 10 days. I think the election had a lot to do with it, and then getting through the holidays. The game just started Jan. 1 in that market.”

Rounding out the top five home sales for December were:

  • 9009 River Trace Court, Henrico: $1.25 million
  • 406 S. Mooreland Road, Henrico: $1.15 million
  • 6347 Ridgeway Road, Richmond: $1.11 million
  • 308 Saint Davids Lane, Richmond: $1.10 million

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April Sullivan

And you wonder why vet bills are so high. Ridiculous

Ed Miller

Congratulations to the O’Sullivans! They are not only fabulous veterinarians with a caring practice, but also a very nice and deserving couple.

Lem Marshall

My wife and I are happy for Anthony and Heather. Nobody deserves it more. They are the most caring and attentive vets, they work brutal hours, and their growing practice proves how much their patients love them. We hope they enjoy the house!

William Muse

There is a reason Anthony & River City Vet Hospital swept best vet & Animal Hospital in Style’s Best of 2016 Awards – he’s a brilliant vet and the O’Sullivans run a great practice. Anthony has been our personal vet for years and a key reason why our pug Fathead is almost 16 and our other pug Gooch recovered (and is still kicking) from a serious pancreas attack 4 years ago. Congrats to them both, this is a beautiful home.

Frank Smith

“And you wonder why vet bills are so high. Ridiculous”
Jealous much?
Many interested in business here in the US tend to be capitalists, and look where it got the O’Sullivan’s…

April Sullivan

Jealous? What in that statement implies jealousy? More like “and you wonder why vet bills are so high,” let me break that down for you…
vets make enough money to be able to buy million $ home . Vet care, like medical care, is ridiculously expensive. It’s pretty basic.
Nothing jealous about it. I would not ever want a home like that, nor could I afford not only the house, but the upkeep on such a home. The expenses don’t stop at the 1.5 million asking price.

Chrissy Muse
Not to be argumentative but I just wouldn’t want it to be out there that the vets at River City Vet Hospital are over-charging and that is where this beautiful home comes from. My husband mentioned above that their practice has been instrumental in keeping our dogs healthy and happy into their old age (we followed Anthony to his new practice). So clearly we think very very highly of them. But I have been to many vet offices in the area through my pets or the rescue group I worked with and I can assure you that they didn’t get… Read more »
Matt Faris

Why should this bother anyone? No one forces people to use this vet. People go there of their own free will. If they can create a model that provides care at a price that people find reasonable, more power to them!

Scott Sleeme
The O’Sullivans are awesome people who deserve everything they have EARNED. They are also great vets. We started going to them because they were 1/3 of the price of Carytown Vet on a procedure for our dog. They always give you lower cost alternatives and never push you into unnecessary treatments or meds. They are very price conscience. By far the best vet we’ve ever had. They have worked hard and are humble. They are a great success story on how hard work, dedication, and staying humble can get you the things in life that you desire. BizSense should have… Read more »
Patti McComb

I agree with you on all aspects. If they ever moved their practice to another state we would be taking road trips as we only let these two wonderful doctors touch our 3 dogs.
And April Sullivan, go stick your head in a snow bank as you clearly do not know this awesome family. They are so fair on their fees… probably do not charge enough at times.
We love you Anthony & Heather and wish you many years of happiness in your beautiful new home. You are Richmond’s Best Vet for a reason!!