3-story, $25M golf range lining up Goochland site

A rendering of Drive Shack's planned driving range in Orlando. (Courtesy Drive Shack)

A rendering of Drive Shack’s planned driving range in Orlando. (Courtesy Drive Shack)

A publicly traded company bent on growing a national chain of high-tech golf driving ranges is eyeing the Richmond market for its second site.

Drive Shack, a New York-based firm that owns dozens of golf courses nationwide and is developing a brand of golf and entertainment venues similar to fast-growing Topgolf, is planning a three-story, 60,000-square-foot interactive driving range in Goochland County.

The facility, which the company estimates will cost upwards of $25 million, would take shape on a 13-acre site that abuts Route 288 just north of West Broad Street, according to documents submitted to the county.

The company describes its facilities as having “85+ indoor/outdoor hitting bay suites that offer multiplayer competitive games that both non-golfers and golfers can enjoy.”

The plot is part of a 121-acre assemblage owned by the Pruitt family, a major landowner in that stretch of Goochland and Henrico County. It’s unclear whether Drive Shack will buy or lease the land.

The company seeks to rezone its portion of the land to permit a “golf-themed entertainment and restaurant venue,” according to a letter sent out to neighbors announcing a pre-planning community meeting. That meeting will be held April 20 at 6:30 p.m. at Centerville Volunteer Fire & Rescue, at 52 Broad Street Road in Manakin-Sabot.

The letter by attorney Andy Condlin of Roth Jackson, who is handling the rezoning request for Drive Shack, says the facility will include a central restaurant, a shop, lounges, a gaming room, rentable event space and an outdoor terrace on the upper level.

“We hope to file in May 2017 and, subject to comments and feedback, hope to have rezoning approval from the Board of Supervisors by July 2017,” Condlin said. “Plan approval and necessary permitting will be completed soon after, followed by a nine- to 11-month construction schedule.”

Drive Shack's model is similar to Topgolf's, with a three-story driving range. (Courtesy Topgolf)

Drive Shack’s model is similar to Topgolf’s, with a three-story driving range. (Courtesy Topgolf)

Drive Shack investor presentations say the sites are expected to cost $15 million to $25 million to build, and to generate $3 million to $6 million in earnings within three to five years.

That location would give the company visibility off the three main surrounding thoroughfares and accessibility from a planned road off West Broad Street, as well as being within striking distance of the ever-westward expansion of Short Pump. It’s also not far from Kinloch Golf Club, Hermitage Country Club and Sycamore Creek Golf Course.

The 121 acres were most recently assessed by the county at $5.79 million. The plot is designated by the county’s comprehensive plan as “prime economic development.”

The local site would be the company’s second in development nationwide, joining an Orlando location in the works.

Drive Shack initially was backed by Newcastle Investment and golf gear brand TaylorMade. Newcastle late last year rebranded into Drive Shack Inc., through which it runs the driving ranges of the same name and its American Golf subsidiary, which owns more than 80 golf courses.

The company says in investor materials its sees opportunities to build Drive Shack locations within some of its existing golf courses, in addition to finding new sites around the country.

Drive Shack is billed as one of the more deep-pocketed competitors that have popped up to beat Topgolf into certain markets.

Should the Drive Shack project come to fruition, the company potentially will have out-dueled Topgolf in its bid to find a suitable Richmond site.

The company confirmed last year that Richmond was on its list of potential markets for expansion, saying it was looking in the area and “getting close to something.”

A Topgolf spokesperson said in recent months that it had not progressed any further in its plans for a local site.

The company lists a dozen locations in the works, in addition to about 30 in operation. It has outposts open in Virginia, Virginia Beach, Loudon and Alexandria. Among the Topgolf locations in development is a site in Orlando.

Topgolf is owned in part by golf gear brand Callaway Golf, and generated $300 million in revenue in 2015, according to the Financial Times.

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Brian Ezzelle
Brian Ezzelle
4 years ago

Not a golf player, but I recall the now vanished Target Golf that was in Short Pump about 10-15 or so years ago. Seemed pretty similar to what is being proposed here.

Matt Richardson
Matt Richardson
4 years ago

Interesting how this firm beat out Top Golf.

Drive Shack is a newly-renamed owner of legacy golf courses trying to expand into a different segment. They haven’t yet built one of the new golf entertainment spaces.

Top Golf, on the other hand, has been doing this for years. If I was approving this, I’d ask some tough questions and push for Top Golf as a proven operator over a speculative play from Drive Shack.

Sandi Crawford
Sandi Crawford
4 years ago

Looking at the map of the proposed Drive Shack, seems like one of the better areas for it to be located.

On a recent business trip to Las Vegas, we had first glimpses of a the new Top Golf facility located near the MGM Grand.
It is the most well lighted arena I have ever seen!

Glad it will not be located around any residential properties. They just don’t make “black out” blinds dark enough for all of that light!

Just a thought…is golf really strong enough to support this facility? How are the local Country Clubs fairing with memberships?

Vince Quest
Vince Quest
3 years ago

Very interesting stuff, I am watching this very closely. The article doesn’t mention anything about it, but does Topgolf have any patents that might prevent a competitor from coming in and building such a similar looking facility?

Aside from the triangle shaped targets and the Drive Shack logo, the rendering of their facility is a very, very close match.