Meal-planning startup hits the ground in Richmond

platejoy app

The PlateJoy app sends personalized weekly meal plans and grocery lists. (PlateJoy)

As the grocery delivery market grows more competitive in Richmond, a new-to-town startup has its eye on your grocery list.

PlateJoy, a San Francisco-based personalized meal-planning and nutrition service, launched in Richmond on Thursday – its 80th market nationwide.

Through its website or mobile app, users complete a questionnaire about dietary and lifestyle habits, such as the time they have to make breakfast, milk preference and grocery budget.

After that, PlateJoy sends a weekly meal plan of recipes and a grocery list. The startup has contracted with InstaCart for optional delivery from several grocers. Instacart, also a national firm, launched in Richmond in July and offers delivery from Publix, Whole Foods, Costco and Wegman’s.

Along with dietary needs and flavor preferences, PlateJoy considers users’ time restraints, cooking skills and preferred portion size.

The subscription-based service is offered in six-month or one-year plans, costing $70 and $100, respectively. Delivery fees for InstaCart start at $6.

Platejoy spokeswoman Nicole Villeneuve said it has nearly 10,000 recipes to fill out meal plans and provides nutritional information on each. Users can request multiple meal plans per week.

“You can use the meal-planning on its own – delivery’s not required,” Villeneuve said.

Villeneuve said Platejoy is solely contracted for delivery with InstaCart now, but exploring other delivery partners.

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