How’s your office handling the coronavirus scare? Share your experiences

Purell hand sanitizer stations at a hospital. (Courtesy Wiki Commons)

The coronavirus saga has us all in a tizzy.

And while the stock markets drop, and the cancellation of schools and major events grab most of the headlines, the news crew at Richmond BizSense is trying to get a full grasp on how this is all trickling down to the local business community.

It’s no easy feat, and we thought the best way to tell as many of these stories as possible is to go straight to the source.

So now the call to action: We’d love to hear from as many local businesses, managers, employees and the like as possible in order to learn how companies large and small are handling the logistics of the coronavirus scare.

We invite you to post a comment in the comments section below to start the dialogue.

The goal here is to inform, share ideas and best practices, and hopefully help ease each other’s fears a bit by knowing none of us are experiencing this alone in a vacuum. The comments will be monitored to make sure they stay on topic, so please don’t be bashful.

Regardless of the industry or size of the business, please consider sharing details such as:

  • + If you’re a manager, let folks know about the tough decisions you’re making and why.
  • + If you’re an employee, have you been ordered to work from home or is it business as usual?
  • + If you’re a working parent, tell us how you’re balancing things now that schools and daycares are shutting down.
  • + What are workplaces doing to keep up morale?

Everyone seems to be handling it differently, and we’d love your help to paint as complete a picture as possible for the region.

It’s easy to think by reading the news that everything is shutting down. But life goes on, as must many businesses. We hope you’ll consider sharing your story.

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Michael Dodson
Michael Dodson

As some who visits lots of client offices across the that it is amazing to see how many places have expired bottles of GermX or Purrell on their counters. Expirations that date back to 2010-2015. I am assuming just liked expired medicine it is not a potent but not on unsafe. And now they can’t find new supplies.

Chuck Brodersen

Many customers are asking us to setup at homes: VoIP telephones, smartphone installed office phone system clients and and secure remote desktop access. Your technology provider has these capabilities. Email them what you need and test the solution before you need it.

John DeMarzo
John DeMarzo

Capital One has told all associates who are able to do so to work from home until further notice.

Ed Christina

Segra has offered a “work from home ” option for any an all employees who can work from home.
We are seeing a lot of interest in our work from home suite of products in the short term, but I predict our DRaaS service will take off a lot once people get over the shock they are still facing.

Joe McMenamin

If it is of interest, my colleagues in Ingenium Healthcare Advisors and I are hosting a series of podcasts to advise businesses and health care organizations about their rights and duties in the pandemic. First one is today at 1:00 pm; several others are scheduled. Glad to provide details if interested.