Results are in from first BizSense Invitational golf tournament

BizSense Inaugural Golf Invitational
(Photos by Dena Sussman)

The inaugural BizSense Invitational golf tournament and socially distanced networking event ended with a bit of drama – a tie for first place.

Held Monday at Independence Golf Club in Midlothian, the tournament brought 112 players to the course throughout the day, with a few of them boasting impressively low scores in the captain’s choice, par 72 format. That’s despite an afternoon drenching from a brief rainstorm.

Players were broken up into 28 foursomes, with tee times spaced 15 minutes apart for social distancing purposes.

And now for the top 3 scores:

Scoring a combined 53 strokes or 19 under par were Kyle Bailey, TJ Austin, Rob Long and Tim Rose.

Keeping pace with that group was Alex Kepner, Taylor Hilton, Nick Hogan and Tim Wehner, also scoring a 53 and 19-under.

The third-best score came from Tim Lyons, Jeff Bradley, Frank Besosa and Nick Austin, with a 56, or 16 under par.

The top three teams will be showered with prizes of all sorts in the days to come.

Thanks to all who participated and to Independence owner Giff Breed and his staff. And a special thanks to the BizSense Invitational sponsors below.

And stay tuned to BizSense for future socially distanced events, as we plan to continue to find creative ways to ease the local business community back into responsible schmoozing.


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Bruce Milam
Bruce Milam
1 year ago

so much for social distancing!

Brett Hunnicutt
Brett Hunnicutt
1 year ago

How can you claim it was a social distancing event and then publish photos of people hugging and not wearing masks? I’m sure that these foursomes do not live in the same house. You should be ashamed!! I am disgusted by this display from Richmond Bizsense, Independence and these Richmond neighbors of mine. Wear a mask and protect your fellow Americans! Here’s some first place finish news for you……We have the most deaths in the world!! Congratulations!

Last edited 1 year ago by Brett Hunnicutt