Manchester development map

New residential construction has largely been the name of the game in the Manchester, Blackwell and Swansboro areas in recent years, and it looks to be hitting a fever pitch with thousands of new units being built and in the works, yet a grocery store remains elusive for the Southside neighborhoods.


If the map loads and it’s zoomed far out, we recommend clicking the + sign in the bottom left corner of the map until the highlighted neighborhood is in view.

Click on a property to pull up bullet-point details and a link to more detailed coverage. You can also click the top left corner of the map to pull up a menu with a full list of projects in the neighborhood.

Here’s how the color coding works:

Orange = Project is in the planning stage

Blue = Construction is underway on this project

Yellow = The exact plans for this project are unclear and/or the land recently sold

Click here for the BizSense Development Tracker menu page for other neighborhood maps.

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