Chesterfield County development map

A little bit of everything is in the works for the county south of the James. Chesterfield is seeing an influx of both multi- and single-family development, as well as some major recreational and industrial projects to go with the many suburban retail projects built in recent years.


If the map loads and it’s zoomed far out, we recommend clicking the + sign in the bottom left corner of the map until the highlighted neighborhood is in view.

Click on a property to pull up bullet-point details and a link to more detailed coverage. You can also click the top left corner of the map to pull up a menu with a full list of projects in the neighborhood.

Here’s how the color coding works:

Orange = Project is in the planning stage

Blue = Construction is underway on this project

Yellow = The exact plans for this project are unclear and/or the land recently sold

Click here for the BizSense Development Tracker menu page for other neighborhood maps.

We’ll be constantly updating these and adding new maps and we encourage reader participation. If you see something that needs updating or have ideas to make this more user-friendly, please email [email protected].

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Lizzy Pass with The Pace of Richmond Group
Lizzy Pass with The Pace of Richmond Group
1 month ago

Nice!! So helpful!!

Eric Viking
Eric Viking
1 month ago

This is awesome! Great work!