Aaron Kremer

Aaron Kremer is the founder of Richmond BizSense. Email him at [email protected].

Ode to the Vending Machine. In B Minor.

In the world of casual Fridays and awkward going-away parties, there is no friend more loyal to the office worker than the vending machine. It’s like a husky pal who’s always up for ordering pizza. It doesn’t discriminate, dropping chips, chocolate bars and mini muffins into the waiting hands of mailroom clerks and CFOs alike.

BizSense makeover

We just launched a new version of the website, and boy are my arms tired. The new site has tons of extra features, many of which are too nerdy to discuss here. The BizWire lets any Richmond business (with a membership) to share news about itself. We’ll also be adding video and podcasts to our… Read more »

This Bud is Bound for Brazil/Belgium

Busch Gardens in Williamsburg might be put up for sale if a foreign brewer follows through on plans to buy the Anheuser Busch Company, according to a story in the Financial Times. InBev, which has operations around the world, would also likely layoff some of the Williamsburg brewery staff if a deal goes through. The… Read more »

Feel-Good Marketing

Cause-related marketing, as the marketing technique is known, owes its origins to an American Express program from the 1980s, when the credit card company donated funds to help restore the Statue of Liberty. In years since, the marketing style has become an increasingly popular tool for companies to create a positive association among potential customers…. Read more »

The “Recesion-Proof” Myth

When I ask small business owners if they’re seeing a slowdown, I’m told that invoices are taking longer to get paid, that expansion plans are getting put on hold, or that new contracts are slower in coming than in the past. Construction and auto dealers so far appear to be suffering the most. But any… Read more »

Wanna Trade: bartering can help conserve cash

Most business owners have at least a few good yarns to tell about a trade gone screwy (possibly involving a goat, if you’re lucky). No hard statistics exist on the volume of bartered transactions because much of it is off the books. One accountant said it happens, “all the time.” Sometimes Scott Brown likes to… Read more »

Make Your Own Web Commercial…just don’t fall of a ladder

A number of startups think there’s a market for helping businesses make videos of their products – sort of a QVC for the masses. In Tuesday’s New York Times, Bob Tedeschi describes the nascent TalkMarket: “It begins with an online tutorial of how to shoot product demonstration videos: light well, change camera angles, speak as… Read more »

Begging for donations leave a bad taste in patron’s mouth

Next week restaurants around Richmond will be asking patrons who order tap water to donate $1 to The United Nations Children’s Fund, commonly known as UNICEF. VCU BrandCenter is promoting the event, called Richmond Tap Project . In their push to be creative, the BrandCenter effort shows a lack of understanding about incentives and basic… Read more »

A brothel is a small biz, right?

A few keys to operating a profitable brothel include having a website and selling advertising. Josh Levin in Slate writes about how Eliot Spitzer’s favorite escort services diversified beyond just whoring. Richmond brothels don’t have websites, according to a cursory search by me. Freelance hookers use Craigslist. Read the story here.