Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground: Local building permits for 9.18.13

One of the busiest period of permits in months. Work on a new retail strip in Chesterfield, a new restaurant, construction at the Sabra hummus plant, a new Harley dealership. And $12 million in permits at a local college. Leads on all the latest jobs around town are part of BizSense Pro.

Breaking Ground: Local building permits for 9.4.13

Big permits filed on the new headquarters of a local auction house, a storefront Oregon Hill, a multi-million dollar job at a local university, and local homebuilders in action. Get leads on all the local projects with BizSense Pro.

Breaking Ground: Local building permits for 7.10.13

Big money permits for a new shopping center, a historic theater, several apartments projects, and renovations to a local retirement home. This week’s permits are a must-see If you’re looking for leads on who’s scoring the biggest construction jobs around town.

Breaking Ground: Building Permits for 6.26.13

A $15 million job on a local high school. More than $6 million worth of permits on a new big box store. And another busy week of permits for local homebuilders. Get leads on who’s landing all the big projects with your BizSense Pro subscription.

Breaking Ground: Building permits for 5.1.13

A pair of big projects at University of Richmond and Virginia Union University, as well as lots of new homes and a stalled development in Chesterfield starts up again. Get BizSense Pro for all the latest intel.