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Foreclosures: 7.18.11

A boatload of foreclosures this week from all over Central Virginia, including some big dollar properties in Chesterfield and a $500,000 house in Louisa County.

The Docket: Court Roundup for 2.1.11

Lots of real-estate-related cases this week, and more fallout from Justin French. Plus a plaintiff wants $5 million from the Byrd Theater after a board gave way while he/she was cleaning the organ, which resulted in a loss of an eye.

The Docket: Court Roundup for 1.19.11

Some fascinating cases this week: a former employee allegedly opened bank accounts in the name of his former employer and then took out money, and now the company is suing the bank. Plus collections efforts from a handful of banks. Please also note, specific cases are available to BizSense Pro subscribers for an additional charge. BizSense will email the case to you.

The Pipeline: Businesses on the move 6.09.08

Thalhimer reported the following deals: Ruth & Ollie has leased 3,867 sq.ft. at 3445 W. Cary Street in Richmond and plans on opening July 14th. The furniture store currently operates in a smaller store on Libbie and Grove. The Cary Street store is under construction and will be 4.5 times the size of the existing… Read more »