Recession-themed ad: Sound Investment

While we found advertisements that play off of the economic hype are slow to catch on at the local level, one example was brought to our attention today. Richmond Piano has been running an ad on WCVE Public Radio for about a month that advises listeners: “make a sound investment: play the piano.” “We’ve been… Read more »

Bracing for the ad pullback

It comes as no surprise that local marketing firms and sole practitioners are bracing for a slowdown, and the outlook will probably get worse as state and local nonprofits slash 2009 budgets amid declining revenue.

Geico cavemen are back from the dead. Why?

The Martin Agency resuscitated the Geico cavemen ads. They were some of the best ads on TV when they first aired in 2004, but now they’ve become part of the pop culture their creator so enjoyed mocking. Editor’s Note: This is the first installment of a monthly feature called Ad Review, which will critique a… Read more »