Cityspace Solar

Solar contractor expands his orbit

One of Richmond’s solar contractors has started a firm that he hopes can better compete for work across the Mid-Atlantic region, and another local builder is investing in the company.

Deeds takes a look at Richmond’s green economy

A new solar installation at VCU attracted gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds to take a closer look and meet with Cityspace Solar owners Blue Crump and Justin French.

Justin French acquires half of Cityspace Solar

Justin French and Cityspace Solar owner Blue Crump already share the same customer base—people that are inclined to use green energy. The partnership may help the two firms expand faster in Richmond and D.C.

Solar firm turns to local farms to grow business

A federal incentive program could forever change the face of Virginia’s agriculture industry by encouraging more farms to install solar energy systems. That’s the hope of Blue Crump, owner of Fan-based Cityspace Construction and Cityspace Solar.