Upcoming Event: Reporting Local, Reaching Global

Getting mentioned in a local or national news outlet can make a business and catalyze growth. Please join BizSense and a panel of local business journalists as we discuss how the business media finds sources, scoops and compelling stories. The event is free and will include writers/editors from regional and national publications.

Beware of Twitter squatters

Earlier this month we ran a series on how local businesses are using social media. In some cases, the tools are effective and cheap ways to reach targeted customers. But they can also allow any rouge individual to speak on behalf of the company. And in that sense, the battle for public opinion keeps getting… Read more »

Open the press release floodgates

You’re about to read a sentence no newspaper/magazine has ever written. Please send us your press releases. That’s not a typo. We’re not off our meds. We just launched a local PR Newswire. Now Richmond businesses can post news about themselves on the BizSense’s Rich Wire. Big companies already pay to run their press releases… Read more »