Small cars hit puberty and get popular

CarMax, reported that searches for smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles on the company’s website continue rising. The Mazda3 moved up from the 39th most popular search in March to the 16th most popular search in June. The VW Beetle (shudder) rose from 71 to 40.

Meanwhile, reported that sales for the Honda Fit were up 73.8% in 2008, and sales for the Kia Spectra were up 41.3%. Numbers also increased for the Honda Civic Hybrid and the Toyota Prius, which were up 44.3% and 16%, respectively. Sales for bigger cars like the Chevy Tahoe, Dodge Durango, and Ford F-Series saw significant drops, down 34.2%, 38%, and 23.8%, respectively.

Among those making the biggest leaps in the search rankings (MPG: City / Highway):

  • Mazda3 MPG: 24/32 June Rank: 16 March Rank: 39
  • Toyota Corolla MPG: 28/37 June Rank: 4 March Rank: 9
  • Volkswagen Beetle MPG: 21/28 June Rank: 40 March Rank: 71

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