Dealers swipe orphaned customers

Auto dealers around the country are trying to pick up customers orphaned by the major shakeup of the auto industry. With an estimated 3,000 closed or closing in the past two years, many people who have been buying cars from the same dealership for decades have found themselves looking for a new home when their… Read more »

C’ville crazy for green cars, RVA not so much

At number six, Charlottesville is near the top of a list of American cities most interested in hybrid and alternative-fuel vehicles, according to rankings released by today. Richmond fell in the middle of 210 cities nationwide, coming in at number 109 just one spot below the Hampton Roads area. Harrisonburg was ranked 58th. The… Read more »

Richmond lands headquarters for UK-insurer

UK-based car insurance firm, Admiral, announced plans this week that they have chosen Richmond as headquarters for their newly formed subsidiary Admiral Americas. The company will start doing business across the pond sometime this year. They will hire up to 50 people by the third quarter, and employ as many as 200 by the end of next… Read more »

Richmonders driving less

Richmond motorists are spending less time on the roads – or at least avoiding the tolls on the Southside. According to the Richmond Metropolitan Authority, traffic at the Powhite Parkway mainline toll plaza has been falling since February compared to the previous year. Around 543,000 fewer drivers have passed through the tolls so far this… Read more »

More shrinkage for car lots

Local car dealers continue to consolidate. The Times-Dispatch reported Thursday that Richmond Ford has bought the Lincoln Mercury franchise from the Pearson automotive group. Meanwhile, used-car seller Car America has closed its location on Brook Road and moved all the cars to its location at 7530 Midlothian Turnpike. The owner said sales are down around… Read more »

VW Raises Stakes with 62 MPG Car

Volkswagen is raising the stakes in the battle for the most fuel-efficient vehicle on the market. The German automaker recently revealed a concept of its next-gen Golf, which delivers a whopping 61.8 miles per gallon. Check it out here.

Smart Car starting to appear in Richmond

In what can only be described as “The Biggest Waiting List Ever,” customers are lining up to reserve their Smart Cars, the pint-sized, planet friendly vehicle produced by automotive giant Daimler AG. (Mercedes) The cute, if shockingly tiny, cars are starting to appear in Richmond. And if you want in, take a number; you might… Read more »

Small cars hit puberty and get popular

CarMax, reported that searches for smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles on the company’s website continue rising. The Mazda3 moved up from the 39th most popular search in March to the 16th most popular search in June. The VW Beetle (shudder) rose from 71 to 40. Meanwhile, reported that sales for the Honda Fit were up… Read more »