Booze and the cities that love it

Judging from this year’s liquor sales, Virginians love their booze. But apparently Richmond doesn’t love it as much as some other cities.

The city didn’t make the cut for America’s Drunkest Cities, a list compiled by the Daily Beast of 26 cities who like to booze it up just a little more than the rest of the country.

The list compared cities by population over the age of 21, average monthly drinks consumed by each person, percent of the population that are heavy drinkers, and binge drinkers.

Two Massachusetts cities rounded out the top two spots. Boston landed the title of the drunkest city in America, averaging about 15.5 drinks per person per month with 20 percent of the 4.8 million people over 21 considered binger drinkers and 7.4 percent dubbed heavy drinkers.

Springfield came in at number 2 with each person gulping down about 14.6 drinks per month. Binge drinking was also high in the city, ranking 19.5 percent.

Although Richmond didn’t make the list, one Virginia city did.

Norfolk took the number 24 spot, with each person consuming an average of 13.5 drinks per month and 20 percent of the population are considered binge drinkers.

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